ICYMI: The Haitian Compas Festival: The USA’s Biggest Haitian Music Festival And How It Went Down

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The Haitian Compas Festival, the USA’s biggest Haitian music festival took place for two days over the weekend at Miami’s Bayfront Park. Let’s see how it went down. Here’s the full report from your favorite chick Kreyolicious. Look at radio maven, recording artist, and community leader Supa Cindy in her TMMG Store get-up. She hosted the festival on its second day.
The Haitian Compas Festival 2017 and how it went down.
The curvy, Haitian-American/Dominican was in high spirits, dimpling all over the place!
Haitian Compas Festival 2017 Supa Cindy and Lajan Slim
Guess who else was there? None other than Lajan Slim, also sporting a red-and-blue outfit.
Haitian Compas Festival 2017 Supa Cindy and Zoey Dollaz
Here she is chilling with Zoey Dollaz, right before she took to the mic to introduce the Miami-born rap star to the stage.
Haitian Compas Festival 2017 Supa Cindy and Zoey Dollaz

And she rubbed shoulders with a former president. None other than one of Haiti’s former head of state, Mr. Michel Martelly.
Haitian Compas Festival 2017 dancers
These dancers were taking over the stage! Look at their colorful outfits. Photo Credit: Promo Plus Ayiti Mag
Haitian Compas Festival Mecca Grimo
Here’s rapper Mecca Aka Grimo and a few of his associates.
Haitian Compas Festival Dejah Roh
Here’s Haitian-American rapper-singer Dejah Roh, prior to her show-stopping performance with her dancers….Heyyy girl!
Haitian Compas Festival 2017 RAM
Roots band RAM on stage with lead singer Richard Morse and co-lead singer Lunise Morse. Photo Credit: Vibe Kreyol
Haitian Compas Festival Izolan and Zoey Dollaz
Here’s Zoey Dollaz, this time posing with Izolan, a rapper from Haiti.
Haitian Compas Festival 2017 a view of the crowrd
The crowd going wild at every turn! Photo Credit: Vibe Kreyol
Haitian Compas Festival 2017 Haitian Fresh Lajan Slim and Bernard Stiverne
Rapper Haitian Fresh, Lajan Slim and boxer Bernard Stiverne. Well, what a crew!
Haitian Compas Festival 2017 Haitian Fresh Lajan Slim and Bernard Stiverne
Rapper TPO was among the performers. Here he is posing with members of his posse.
Haitian Compas Festival 2017 Barikad Crew Fantom
Barikad Crew, a hip-hop band straight out of Haiti posed for the cameras. Photo Credit: Chokarella
Haitian Compas Festival 2017 Kai
Former co-lead singer of Carimi and now leader of band Kai taking of the stage. Social media and attendee reaction went hard for Kai. Some declared them as the crowd-pleaser of the Haitian Compas Festival.
Haitian Compas Festival 2017 Kreyol La
Here’s Jo Zenny, Kreyol La lead singer leading the crowd on. The band also played at Sounds of Little Haiti with Wyclef and Dat7 at the Little Haiti Cultural Center prior to the festival. Many members of the Haitian media lauded the band for its energetic performance. Photo Credit: Chokarella. Haitian Compas Festival 2017 Tonton Bicha and Kako
The hosts for the first day of the festival…Tonton Bicha and Kako, two comedians who traveled from Haiti to make their appearances at the festival. Straight outta Haiti, baby!

Did you attend this festival? Let me know what your thoughts are regarding it.

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