10 Haitian Comedians You Should Be Following On Instagram

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There’s nothing like a joke, and there’s nothing absolutely more enjoying than a joke in Creole. Heard the one about the Haitian drug dealer on the streets of Brooklyn, trying to sell a pack of Alka-Seltzer for $50 to a drug addict? You haven’t? Then, you probably haven’t checked out Papa Jean’s feed. How about the widow who’s mourning her finances more than she’s mourning her dead husband at his funeral? Turns out, that he had 12 kids she never knew about, and, oh, that house he was supposedly building for her…well that was a major bluff! And to add insult to injury, he purchased lots of booze on credit—and she’s left with footing the bill! You mean you didn’t giggle at that one? Then, you need to get acquainted with Cute Shishie, the Haiti-based comedienne whose 45 seconds videos on Instagram tackle on everything from frivolous social climbers, trifling friends, to unfaithful wives and cunning girlfriends.

If you’re in the mood to see your parents’ ways lampooned, you can check out Zoe Poze and Haitian Jonas, alongside Papa Jean. There’s the giving of the temwanyaj at legliz episode from Zoe Poze—the equivalent of the “testimony” in AME churches…You won’t be able to figure out what’s funnier…the straw hat with the fringes untangling on the head of Chelo Chelo….or the lines coming out of his lips. You’ll swear Plus Daddy is Rick Ross when he does an impression of The Bawse in his comedy stand-up shows and in the music videos. And how about Frere Renel? His Ice Bucket Challenge—the Haitian version—has him pouring ice in a bucket, but he’s not about to freeze himself with cold water! No, siree. He’s too smart—hence why he’s taking a challenge in the first place. He drinks the bucket of ice.

In one skit, the comedian known as Ti Dezod calls a couch potato friend. He casually invites him to the nuptials of Christian, a mutual friend. The couch potato doesn’t seem interested, but gets dressed in under 3 seconds when told about all the food that’s going to be at the reception.

Alright, you’ve already read mentions of them, but let’s see why they’re so great. And now, without further ado, here are Kreyolicious’ picks for the funniest Haitian comedians on social media. Just so you know they were selected on these basic factors: their originality, creativity consistency, and business/marketing acumen/sense.

Be sure to click on their Instagram and Youtube channels and other social media accounts to get a taste of these comedians’ hilarity. I am not…I repeat I am not liable if your intestines fall out—or if you d/w/l-die while laughing) while watching these comedians’ videos. In no particular order…but the lady first, okay?

Cute Shishie

1. Cute Shishie
Based In: Port-au-Prince
Kreyolicious Comedic Highlights: Watch her play the voracious eater who claims she needs a supplement to enhance her appetite. [CLICK HERE to watch this video] The chick who’s laughing non-stop at a friend’s joke, only to stop mid-way to remind the friend that, well, she hasn’t forgotten about the $50 she loaned out to her. CLICK HERE to watch this video.
Kreyolicious Cred: 27K followers on Instagram | 40.7K followers on Facebook
Kreyolicious Power Moves: This funny chick has parlayed her penchant for comedy into a comedy role in a movie called Bye Bye, Papa. She has also made appearances at entertainment shows in Port-au-Prince, and got tapped by Haiti’s homemade beer Prestige (ahem, eat your heart out, Corona) for a promo on Instagram.
Cute Shishie on Instagram | Cute Shishie on Twitter| Cute Shishie on Facebook
[Photo Credit: Valery Petion ]

Papa Jean
2. Papa Jean
Based In: Queens
Comedic Highlights: A Haitian father announces to his son that it’s barbershop day. Boy dresses up and wears his hoodie. Haitian dad asks him why he’s all dressed up. The barber’s chair is going to be…well…his chair! He takes out his razor kit…ready to give his son an impromptu haircut (to his son’s horror).
Kreyolicious Cred: 8.6K followers on Instagram |
Kreyolicious Power Moves: In addition to his Instagram videos, Papa Jean is honing his skills as a screenwriter, director and actor.
Papa Jean on Instagram | Papa Jean on YouTube | Papa Jean on Facebook | Papa Jean on Twitter

Haitian Jonas
3. Haitian Jonas
Based In: Philly
Comedic Highlights: Watch Haitian Jonas’ rendition of “I’m In Love with the Coco”, featuring Damilliman. Transformed into “I’m In Love With the Griyo”, the popular hip-hop track gets a makeover: “Can’t forget the diri/Man, that’s loco/I need pikliz on it/I need./Pike. In. The. bouch. Nigga.” CLICK HERE to watch this video!
Social Media Cred: 11K on Instagram | 3K on Twitter | 4.6 million views on YouTube
Kreyolicious Power Moves: Jonas helms a weekly stand-up show in Brooklyn at Brooklyn Nights. He’s bringing his comedy to emerging social media platform Periscope, being one of the first funnymen to do so.
Haitian Jonas on Instagram | Haitian Jonas on Twitter | Haitian Jonas on YouTube |

Haitian V
4. Haitian V
Based In: Brooklyn
Kreyolicious Cred: 17K followers on Instagram | 14K subscribers on Youtube |
Kreyolicious Comedic Highlights: Watch as Haitian Jonas translates Haitian grunts into words (CLICK HERE).
Kreyolicious Power Moves: Haitian V is known as one of the first Haitian-American comedians to establish a presence on social media, and has been featured in The New York Daily News. After having established a presence on Youtube, he launced JustVlad.com, a one-stop destination for his skits, shorts, and other creative endeavors.

Haitian V on Instagram | Haitian V on Youtube | Haitian V on Facebook | Haitian V’s Website|

Se Joe
5. Se Joe
Based In: Florida
Kreyolicious Cred: 8.1K subscribers on YouTube |
Kreyolicious Comedic Highlights: This comedian gets laughs every time he combines the in-jokes of the Creole language in a way that’s both fun and educational.
Kreyolicious Power Moves: Se Joe premiered his “The Se Joe Show” on Youtube channel and launched series like “Blague du Jour/Joke of the Day” and “Word of the Day” in which he highlights Haitian jokes, proverbs and Creole vocabulary. He routinely teams up with other Haitian comedians such as Haitian Jonas to widen his brand.
Se Joe on Instagram | Se Joe on Facebook | Se Joe on Twitter | Se Jo’s Website | Se Joe on Youtube

Plus Daddy
6. Plus Daddy
Based In: Miami
Kreyolicious Cred: 6K followers on Instagram | 5.5K subscribers on Youtube |
Comedic Highlights: Feel like hearing a humorous lecture? Check out Plus Daddy’s cajoling Miamians to behave themselves during Urban Beach Week. The comedian’s Rick Ross impressions—including the trademark grunt—are not to be missed. “If you squeeze my titties/Like a cow, I will moo”, Plus Daddy as Rick Ross raps on “Hold Me Back”, while trying to keep his mammaries inside his brassiere, and while his jumbo medallion swings across his chest. CLICK HERE to watch this video.
Kreyolicious Power Moves: Daddy got game. He was among the supporting comedians at Hollywood Magic Casino’s Carlos Mencia show.
Plus Daddy On Instagram | Plus Daddy’s Website | Plus Daddy on Twitter |Plus Daddy on YouTube

Ti Dezod
7. Ti Dezod
Based In: Port-au-Prince
Kreyolicious Cred: 40.2K followers on Instagram | 63K views on YouTube | 54K fans on Facebook |
Kreyolicious Comedic Highlights: Ti Dezod pokes fun at the random caller who calls your phone at 2 in the morn’…and it’s the wrong number, and said caller wants to strike up a convo anyway. And another funny one…A husband backpedals on his verbal threats when he discovers that his wife’s hair comb doubles as a knife. Oh, and there’s also the friend who never wants to go home—and asks for a snack. Well Ti Dezod knows how to fix him good. He wants coffee? Well, this coffee is going to have hot sauce (CLICK HERE, HERE, and HERE to view these videos).
Kreyolicious Power Moves: Ti Dezod has done ‘gramercials for brands and recently posted an award of excellence from the school he’s attending in Port-au-Prince. A comedian who understands that life’s got jokes, but that education isn’t a laughing matter.
Ti Dezod on Instagram | Ti Dezod on Youtube | Ti Dezod on Facebook

Frere Renel Haiti

8. Frere Renel
Based In: Atlanta
Kreyolicious Comedic Highlights: You have to hear Frere Renel tell the story of visiting one of his friends and seeing a toothbrush on life support in said friend’s bathroom! Frere Renel uses the occasion to give oral hygiene advice, and toothbrush longevity tips. Don’t wait until all the hairs and intestines of a toothbrush to disintegrate! Replace your toothbrush today.
Kreyolicious Cred: 4.1K on Instagram| 48K fans on Facebook | 2.8K followers on Twitter
Kreyolicious Power Moves: Frere Renel was recently given the ultimate sign of social media clout—a verified Facebook page. Unbeknownst to the majority of his fans, he’s also a philanthropist and is the founder of A Little Heaven, a non-profit that helps kids in Haiti and in the USA.
Frere Renel on Instagram | Frere Renel on Facebook | Frere Renel on Twitter

Zoe Poze
9. Zoe Poze
Based In: Miami
Kreyolicious Comedic Highlights: Do you know the brazen art of the Haitian temwanyaj? Well, Zoe Poze got you. CLICK HERE to view it.
Kreyolicious cred: Instagram 46.1K
Kreyolicious Power Moves: Zoe Poze hosts a show on GenerationH on IslandTV that broadcasts in the Miami market. He stars in the web series “Against the Ropes” on cable network Comcast. He’s also written and directed a short, silent film entitled Armor of God. Oh, [catching my breath], he’s also one-half of the comedy team Haitian Husbands, and will be one of the headliners of the Haiteam Comedy Show in Florida this August. CLICK HERE to view Haitian Husbands videos.
Zoe Poze on Instagram | Zoe Poze on Youtube | Zoe Poze on Twitter
[Photo Credit: Silent Image Photography]

Zoe Poze on Instagram | Zoe Poze on Youtube

Chelo Chelo
10. Chelo_Chelo
Based In: South Florida
Comedic Highlights: Ever tried to find a parking, and thinking you’ve spotted one…only to figure out that there’s a motorcycle or small compact car parked in your desired spot? Well, Chelo Chelo has experienced the same too, as he’s navigated through parking lots with his beat-down cargo van.
Kreyolicious Cred: 28.2K followers on Instagram | 1.3K subscribers on Youtube
Kreyolicious Power Moves: Chelo was one of the headliners of the highly successful Where My Zoes at Comedy show, held in Philly. He’s also formed his own comedy promotions and production company Prince of Port-au-Prince Entertainment. His live shows—such as this one—bring lots of laughs. Chelo Chelo is even a product endorser and was approached by the good folks LS Cremas for a ‘grammercial.
[Photo Credit: W. Antoine/HMI Pix]
Chelo Chelo on Instagram | Chelo Chelo on Youtube

You didn’t think the countdown would end at 10, did you? Now, you know a Kreyolicious countdown is not complete without a bonus. Tee hee. So, here is the bonus. And besides, how did you kreyolicious cheries expect me to condense all this talent in a Top 10 list. So, ahem, the bonus…who are by no means any less worthy.
Mr. Success

Bonus…Mr. Success
Based In: South Florida
Comedic Highlights:
Social Media Cred Cred: 3.4K on Instagram
Kreyolicious Power Moves: Mr. Success went over the border (the northern one) to perform in Montreal after he caught the attention of promoters there. He was also chosen as the warm-up act for comedian Godfrey’s show in Miami. He’s also launched Haitian American Productions to house his comedic creations. He’s going to be one of the headliners for the comedy show “Laugh Now, Party Later” in Miami, Florida.
Mr. Success on Instagram | Mr. Success on YouTube |
[Photo: Via Mr. Success Instagram]

Big A Comedy
Bonus. Big-A-Comedy
Based In: South Florida
Kreyolicious Cred: 1K+ on Instagram
Kreyolicious Comedic Highlights: The roaches at Big A’s uncle’s house are special. They. Are. Big. Really Big..so big, Big A tells us, that you can see their facial expressions.
Kreyolicious Power Moves: Big A has launched his own live stand-up show on NextUp TV. He’s one of the first comedians that national acts and venues call on when they’re making stops in Florida—and are looking for an intro or co-headlining act.

Big A Comedy’s Website | Big A on Instagram | Big A On Twitter | Big A on Youtube | Big A on Facebook

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