Interview: The Comedian Chino of Ranse Ak Chino, Part I

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Haitian comedian ChinoHaitian comedian Chino
Haitian parents and a Haitian upbringing is inspiring a great many comedians. Haitian comedian Chino of the Instagram account Ranse ak Chino (Horsing Around With Chino) is one such account. The young comedian pokes fun at ridiculously strict parents who are not down with sleepovers, Haitian moms who get highly offended when you opt for restaurant food, Haitian moms who throw fits when they don’t get the supermarket sale prices. Sigh.

Kreyolicious: How’d you get the name Chino?
Chino: Ranse Ak Chino: I honestly don’t know one day I just woke up and decided to change my Instagram name and that came up and since then it stayed.

Kreyolicious: What drew you to comedy?
Chino: Since I was a little boy, family and friends always told me that I’m extremely funny and that I should be a comedian. And as I was growing up, I became funnier. There’s not one day you’re around me you’re not going to laugh and that’s guaranteed. I think everybody drew me to start RANSE.AK.CHIINO, and I’m so glad I did because I’m putting smiles on people’s faces while also relieving some good ole stress.
Haitian Comedian Chino of Ranse ak Chino

Kreyolicious: Where do you get the ideas for your skits?
Chino: Definitely my mother. Every skit you see are things or were things that literally happened to me hours before I create the videos. So mom and I would get into it, and hours later I create the video because I know somebody out here went or is going through exactly what I’m going through.

Kreyolicious: What’s the best compliment you’ve gotten from a fan?
Chino: Best compliment I’ve gotten from a fan? Hmhmm…I’ve gotten so much great ones, but I’ve seen couple were some of my people were telling me that their mother died but watching my videos bring them a lot of joy and great memories of their beloved and to keep up because I might not know it but I’m doing great things and even saving lives (changing moods and bad thoughts by laughing). All my people’s comments means the world, but these made me push a million times more than my usual push to keep up.

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