Interview: The Comedian Chino of Ranse AK Chino, Part II

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Haitian comedian Chino of Ranse ak Chino comedy
Comedian Chino of Ranse Ak Chino is one of the most popular comics on Instagram. If his videos of the overbearing Haitian mom are relatable, it’s probably because they are based on a real Haitian mom—his! Know what whistling in a Haitian house will get you? Not chocolate chip cookies or griyo, that’s for sure! And do you know what will happen when you state a reply in English when you were originally addressed in Haitian Creole? Well, you don’t want to find out! But you do want to find out more about the talented young man behind the Chino persona. Well…be my guest!

Kreyolicious: What has helped you grow as a comedian?
Chino: Well, my people definitely helped me grow and they still are helping me grow. Without my supporters, can nothing happen. It’s all [of] them. They have to give me feedback and different mini-comments on what they looking for or want me to do so I can deliver and get better and be greater.

Kreyolicious: You been to Haiti?
Chino: Yes! I was born and raised in Haiti came here after the earthquake in 2010 and my mother decided to reside in the U.S permanently and here I am. But, I do go to Haiti every single year since I’ve been here.

Kreyolicious: Let’s say you were creating a special committee of comedians to help you guide your career. Who would you select and why?
Chino: Cool question. Well, I haven’t thought of that ever but never say never and anything can happen so far I know I would definitely choose Jessie Woo, TI DEZÒD, Atys Panch. I selected these three because I feel like together we would definitely blow up because each of us are from the same place we do the same thing but have different flair, so we would each bring out our originality and mix together and probably create some bomb show.

Kreyolicious: Where do you see yourself in five years?
Chino: Well, I hate predicting the future. So, what I always say is I wake up every day with a great mindset to be the best that I can be at anything that I do and go with the flow while going with the flow you also figure yourself and life out to know what you want to do and try to make it happen while going with the flow.

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