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Zimaco Merizier is the college student behind the TMMG, a fledgling brand of heritage-leaning clothing for Haitian-Americans. Swiftly and surely the entrepreneur is courting other markets and other Caribbean-American customers, mainly fashionistas of Jamaican heritage. In a previous interview with the entrepreneur, he talked about the beginnings of his brand and the inspiring story that propelled him to become an entrepreneur. Let’s learn more about the obstacles he’s faced as a maverick self-starter and entrepreneur of his self-created and self-run Haitian clothing brand and empire. TMMG Store clothing brand

Kreyolicious: What’s the biggest challenge you have faced as a fashion entrepreneur?
When you hear challenge, automatically you see contest or competition. Basically, if I’m answering this question as it is, I can say my biggest challenge is myself, to be good at what I’m doing everyday, and improving myself, and my brand more. Because…when you focus on challenging others, you’re gonna distract on what you’re doing, and probably lose self-confidence or track. TMMG is unique, and it means the world to me. On the other hand, my expertise in computer programming, and digital graphics, as a fashion designer these help me a lot, and also we have a production department were we make, and work on all of projects from sketch to production, these make the process less struggle for me as fashion entrepreneur, because the ressources is one of our biggest challenge in this field, especially for the young entrepreneurs that are not working on a high budget. For example, I’m the one that built our website, design all of our collections, including all of our patterns, and so on. I stated that because when you’re a young entrepreneur is always a good thing to know the field that you’re in, and have the skills, beside that it’s going to be hard for you at the beginning.
TMMG Store Haitian American apparel
A model sports an outfit from the TMMG Store.

Kreyolicious: If you were starting out this year, would you do anything differently?
No. I don’t believe so.

Kreyolicious: You go to Haiti often?
Unfortunately no, I don’t go to Haiti often. But, that’s something I’m going to do frequently, due to the way they’re embrace TMMG in Haiti. I have to do that in order to spread the TMMG lifestyle more over there, and connect the brand with the people more. Also, TMMG has an high demand in Haiti, so I have to start going often.Haitian clothing brand TMMG Store clothes

Kreyolicious: What’s next for your brand?
I am working towards on improving the brand more, and as we’re doing this interview, we’re studying strategies on how we’ll be approaching the US Market, because that is our target, and priority right now. So, the next thing for TMMG, is [to] be the next worldwide trending brand especially in America. Haitian clothing brand TMMG Store

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