Carel Pedre Is Back With PleziKanaval, Haiti’s Popular Haitian Carnival Platform

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Carel Pedre Plezikanaval
Ready…set…go…Haiti’s carnival season has begun, and PleziKanaval, a website launched by Haiti multimedia personality Carel Pedre, is at it again. The platform will be posting carnival songs from Haiti’s artists (as well as Haitian artists living outside of Haiti). For this year’s edition, Pedre announced on social media that he invested in a dedicated server—a prudent move considering the traffic the sites receives.

According to Social Blade, a website that measures social media and video content analytics, the Plezikanaval Youtube channel has over 9 million views—not counting this year’s numbers. This figure is based on just a little over 300 videos. Social Blade also estimates that a Youtube channel like Plezikanaval has the earnings potential of about $18,000 annually, from Youtube ad sources alone.

One new feature of his website is the addition of Konkou Kanaval Timoun, a kiddie edition of the carnival, that allows Haiti’s youngins to have their own celebration and carnival song contest. As he has done in previous years, the radio host-music enthusiast plans to have an awards show to reward Haitian carnival artists for their kanaval song releases.

Plezikanaval Carel Pedre
Above: Carel Pedre poses with some artists featured on PleziKanaval. Photo Credit: Plezikanaval

In less than ten years of existence, the website has morphed into the foremost site for carnival songs and Haitian carnival-related content. But what has driven its popularity? As artists like TPO and others brought out in a previous interview, having a web platform where a user can get access to Haiti’s carnival in one place has helped tremendously. And it also helps that PleziKanaval doesn’t only posts Haitian carnival songs on its website, but also broadcasts them on the most powerful social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s like having a Haitian carnival song promotional package. Additionally, Pedre is a radio hosts and helms “Chokarella”, a radio morning show based in Haiti. Pedre uses the show to promote Haiti’s artists and during carnival season, he makes use of the popularity of his show to promote Haiti’s carnival season and the artists who create tracks for that purpose. And to add to all of this, he provides video coverage of carnival parades and events, completing the one-stop-shop aspect of PleziKanaval.

With more than 18,000 subscribers already on board, web traffic from all over, and a phenomenal growth rate, PleziKanaval’s growth appears to be unlimited.

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