10 Breathtaking Photos of This Year’s Haitian Carnival

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Haiti’s carnival starts today February 26 and will last for the next two days. Check out some photos from the first day of the Haitian carnival, compiled by your favorite chick Kreyolicious!

1. The fire-eater.
Haitian carnival 2017
[Photo Credit: Samuel Lamery]

2. The denim princess.
Haitian carnival 2017 Dezobri
[Photo Credit: Dezobri/Plezikanaval]

3. Flower woman.
Haitian carnival

4. Snake eater.

Haitian carnival photos

[Photo Credit: Corentin Fohlen]

5. She rocks.

Haitian carnival all female band

[Photo Credit: Lakayanm]

6. Carnival will make you dance.
Haitian carnival women

[Photo Credit: Lakayanm]

7. Carnival Lily.
Haitian carnival 2017

[Photo Credit: Lakayanm]

8. Daddy longlegs.
Haitian carnival Haitian kanaval 2017

[Photo Credit: Lakayanm]

9. Creole beauty.

Haitian carnival kanaval

[Photo Credit: Lakayanm]

10. When you wear Haiti on your head.

Haitian kanaval

[Photo Credit: Hit 27 Promo]
These are certainly stunning photos of Haiti’s carnival! So colorful, don’t you think?

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