How Haitian Businesses LLC Plans To Bring Haitian American Businesses Together In Atlanta This Sunday

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Haitian Businesses LLC

Sandra Pierre, the entrepreneur behind the venture Haitian Businesses LLC, has had a great run as a business woman, and she wants to spread the love. This Sunday April 23rd, in Atlanta, the Haitian-American entrepreneur will gather along with other female entrepreneurs for her organization’s Women in Leadership Business Brunch Empowering Networking Workshop.

Haitian Businesses LLC founder Sandra Pierre will hold a Women's Leadership in Atlanta this weekend
Sandra Pierre, the founder of Haitian Businesses LLC, has held several business workshops and events. The Women’s Leadership Brunch will be her first this year in Atlanta.

Not only will attendees have the opportunity to learn from established entrepreneurs, but will they also be able to support vendors showcased at the event. Fatima Altieri, a singer arriving directly from Haiti, will lend some musical fun to the business-focused event. Eavesdrop on the conversation I had with Sandra!

Kreyolicious: Haitian Businesses LLC has been devoted to promoting entrepreneurs since its foundation. What sort of feedback have you gotten in the past year?
Let’s just say I have had a wonderful past year with Haitian Businesses, LLC. I recently had to add more people on my team and so far it has been a super move. Higher demands have certainly been a factor we had to accommodate and prepare for this past year as well. With each day more and more entrepreneurs are finding out about the opportunities I offer and I am grateful to have earned the trust of the Haitian community at home and abroad.
Haitian Businesses LLC Women's Leadership Brunch
Nadine Duplessy Kearns, the founder of Haitian Ladies Brunch in D.C., is scheduled to appear as one of the key speakers at the event.

Kreyolicious: What made you choose Atlanta?
The mission of Haitian Businesses, LLC is to be the platform for Haitian owned businesses globally. I strongly believe in reaching out to the community and by hosting an event to Atlanta, we are creating more opportunities to bridge the gap between our community and the businesses. The Haitian community in Atlanta has grown extensively in the last few years and it was a due diligence to connect, network and highlight the outstanding accomplishments of the Haitian Community in Atlanta.
Haitian Businesses LLC Mimi's Boutiq
Mimi Mora, the entrepreneur behind Mimi’s Boutiq will be in attendance.

Kreyolicious: More and more entrepreneurs are looking to congregate. Why do you think that is?
We as a community has come to a point where we realize that collaboration is an exceptional and unique opportunity for growth. I always share this thought at my events, and it’s the simple fact that, someone else may have walked the same path that you’re on now and can guide you while collaborating. Another might have just the contact person you need to make the next big move for your business. In order for these amazing things to happen in your life, you have to be willing to expose yourself and open up by preparing yourself for the perfect opportunity.

Haitian Businesses LLC Fatima Altieri
Arriving directly from Haiti for the event, singer Fatima Altieri shall provide the musical component of the business affair. Photo Credit: Edouard Monereau

Kreyolicious: What resources were most helpful to you when you were starting out?
After realizing the necessity to start with Haitian Businesses, LLC, I then noticed that most businesses has an online presence more specifically a social media platform. I quickly embarked on a mission to educate my self on the process of effectively communicating with your social media audience by e-courses besides having studied in Business Administration.
Haitian Businesses LLC Joanne Million
Consultant and motivational speaker Joanne Marc among the speakers on the Haitian Businesses LLC Women’s Leadership Brunch.

Kreyolicious: What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned this year?
Making good connections and having had the opportunity to collaborate with several others have been a pivotal to the expansion of Haitian Businesses. I’m eager to push forward with many great ventures which are the results of the collaboration made in the past year.

Haitian Businesses LLC Kara Vaval Ferrier
Entrepreneur Kara Vaval Ferrier and author of the motivational book 28 Day…Make it Count is among the guest speakers for the event!

Kreyolicious: What if the whole world became entrepreneurial?
Oh, that would be heaven! I truly feel each of us have something we can bring to the table. Reaching one’s full potential would definitely involve entrepreneurship. If you think of it, every single one of us have had a business idea crossed our minds. I’m a firm believer of if you can think and dream of it, it’s because it’s already done. Now it is up to the individual to lay down the work it takes to get there.
Haitian Businesses LLC Erica Thomas
State of Georgia official Erica Thomas will be in attendance as an honorary guest.

Kreyolicious: What city will be next?
Should I or should I not? Oh well. You’re first to know that our next event will be bigger and better, and of course, we will keep it in the City of Miami. It is an idea that has been brewing for two years, and I am excited to bring it to life on September 9. Now as far as to find out what it is, you’ll have to keep a close eye on our website, social media platforms and of course right here on
Haitian Businesses LLC DJ Final
DJ Final will provide all the turntable action for the day.

Keep up with Haitian Businesses LLC and its founder here! | CLICK HERE to get your tickets to the event.

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