Haitian-American Blogger Kreyolicious Celebrates/Revels In 6 Years of Existence, PART II

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Guess what we’re going to be talking about today, oh, beloved reader. The site! I’m celebrating the sixth year of my website.

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Besides the blog, I’m working on several other projects. People see me tweet and update my pages at the wee hours of the morning, and ask me why am I still up. Even my followers. Well, sometimes, I just get so excited about things, I shun sleep. I don’t believe in resting sometimes. But maintaining a balance, I’ve learned, is absolutely essential. Like, as I’m writing this, I’m drinking this acai/berry juice blend. Have to replenish the soul as well as the intellectual.
Haitian American blogger Kreyoliciosu
Sometimes when you’re building something, you hope for the best. When the best happens plus other things you did not necessarily anticipate, it’s truly a blessing. Like people looking to your thoughts and opinions, and putting you on a pedestal. Brands reaching out to you. People you’ve admired from afar and whose careers you’ve studied from afar, approaching you to ask your advice on how to approach the Haitian-American populace, and just wanting to reach out to you to tell you how much they love what you’re doing and convey their admiration over the growth of your site and brand. Plus! Truly amazing.
Haitian American blogger Kreyolicious gets shoutout from Garcelle Beauvais

For a long time, I was just writing, putting my best work forward, and putting my best foot forward, totally oblivious to the fact that I was inspiring so many people. That people who I never imagined were watching me, studying me, and acclaiming me.

Towards the beginning, I was scouting people to write about. As the site picked up on traffic, and increased in popularity, and my articles started to get circulated all over the web, people started to reach out to me. Then I started getting approached by publicists and the like. And of course artists, especially rappers and singers, who wanted me to review their music, or request performance write-ups. Then we’d get to start talking and then I’d bring up Haiti and then….

Artist: Wait. I gotta be Haitian to be on your site?
Me: Well…Yeah…I’m Kreyolicious and the website are all about those who are of Haitian descent. I have written about non-Haitians, but only when they are somehow significantly connected to Haiti.
[long silence]
Artist: Well, my best friend in elementary school was Haitian.
[or variations of this]
Well sorry, no. It—
My ex is Haitian.
My boyfriend is Haitian.
My roommate is a zoe.
I gave to the Haiti relief work.
Me: Well, your donation was appreciated. Would you like to be featured maybe on another site I write for?
[Tension evaporates. Artist begins to smile. If it’s a chat, I get smiley faces. If it’s a phone conversation, unexpected laughter comes on the line.]

Let’s talk a little about the future. Some of the biggest achievements behind being Kreyolicious are things you, oh beloved reader, don’t see on the website, but will see manifest as time goes along.

I wish to extend a big “Thank You” to my readers, lurkers, commentators and all those who make me a better person. I strive to become a better person. I’m always thinking of ways to grow in how I approach my craft. How can I improve my thinking? What projects can I undertake that will allow me to test my creative boundaries, my perceptions? Stuff like that!

So goes the life of a Haitian-American blogger Kreyolicious. The saga continues. The journey resumes.

If you missed PART I of my blogaversary post, CLICK HERE.

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