Haitian Band T-Vice and Co-Lead Singer Regi Muzik Part Ways. What’s Next?

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Haitian band T-Vice and Regi Mizik Part Ways
The Haitian music world woke up with the news that Co-lead singer Regi “Regi Muzik” Toussaint, and Haitian band T-Vice had parted ways. Both parties issued out statements, with Regi Muzik graciously thanking T-Vice for providing him with a great opportunity, and T-Vice thanking the singer for his services and wishing him well on all his future endeavors. The T-Vice family not too long ago released an album with Regi Muzik as co-lead singer entitled Nou Toujo Pi Fò.

It all started with a simple yet earth-shaking sentence on Instagram for T-Vice fans: “I am no longer part of T-Vice Band”.

The singer later posted a more elaborate note, stating that he would now concentrate on finishing his business degree. He’s in his last semester in undergrad, and was balancing school with his T-Vice singer responsibilities. While it isn’t yet clear what he’s going to undertake next, he does have booking information details in his Instagram bio.
Haitian band T-Vice and Co-Lead Singer Regi Regi Muzik Toussaint Part Ways
Fans on social media have been speculating as to why the separation took place.

In a video that Roberto Martino, band founder and co-lead singer of T-Vice released, he stated that Regi Mizik was dismissed as part of a “business decision”. He further stated that the T-Vice staff management had requested that Regi Muzik make some “adjustments” to his stage presence, make it more dynamic. But according to Martino, the singer didn’t do so to their satisfaction, and he and his fellow founders and management staff felt that they couldn’t give him any additional time to fit in with the group’s style.

As for Regi Mizik himself, other than stating that he was no longer with the band, he didn’t indicate why the T-Vice chapter came to and end.
Haitian Band T-Vice and Co-Lead Singer Regi Muzik Part Ways + What's Next
According to comments on social media, some felt that Regi Mizik’s romantic and mellow style did not fit in with T-Vice’s more rambunctious style. But, it had seemed to most observers that Regi was easing his way quite well into T-Vice’s musical format, and was at least bringing in something new. He certainly had the vocal talent to succeed as a member of the band. The aforementioned album Nou Tounen Pi Fò, featured him singing lead on several tracks, including the gorgeous ballad “Èske”, was released about a year ago. Was a year sufficient time to allow Regi to be fully molded into a T-Vicer?

Prior to joining T-Vice, Regi Mizik was a member of the group Enposib. That band recently released an album. Will Regi Mizik rekindle that musical link? It would seem to most that the Enposib band is well-settled and have come into their own since then. Would they rule out bringing Regi Mizik back in?

But then again, perhaps the Enposib chapter is a chapter that Regi is well over. Will he finish his degree, take some take to contemplate, as he stated, and then form his own group?
Haitian band T-Vice part ways with Regi Mizik
Photo Credit: Regi “Regi Muzik” Toussaint during a performance with the group T-Vice. Oli Photographie

As for T-Vice, there’s been some industry speculation that they may either continue without a second lead singer, or bring back Olivier Duret, a former member of T-Vice. But Duret has also turned the T-Vice chapter, having started his own band Dat7.

Haitian band t-vice
Above: Regi Muzik performing with the T-Vice crew at a music festival. Photo Credit: Jessie Al-Khal Instagram

Some have called Regi’s inclusion in T-Vice an experiment. Is T-Vice willing to do additional experiments? Bring in another singer? Bring in a female singer?

The future of both parties is brighter than Miami city lights. Regi Muzik seems to have a great mind for lyrics, but also also has great business acumen. From Smokey Robinson and the Miracles to modern times, it isn’t the first time a singer has parted ways with a band, and it certainly won’t be the last. It’s vital that Regi Muzik ponders very deeply on his next move, and seek out astute advisors before making his next move.

T-Vice recently celebrated their 25th year of existence on the Haitian music scene, a very significant milestone. It will be interesting to see where both parties head next.

[Main photo Credit: Ayiti Biyografi]

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