RECAP: 10 Photos of Haitian Band Dat7’s Haiti Tour

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Miami-based Haitian konpa band Dat7 made its way to Haiti recently! Check out these photos that capture some of the best moments as lived by members of the band in the island motherland!

Haitian band Dat7
Dat7 members pose with their enthusiastic fans.

Haitian band Dat7
The band’s conga player is all smiles during a performance.

Haitian band Dat7
The crowd reacting to Dat7’s repertoire which included sings like “Se Konsa”, “Danre Ra”, among others.

Haitian band Dat7
The lead singer of Dat7 giving the crowd all of himself during a set!

Haitian band Dat7 Amazan
Dat7 drummer winking at the crowd during a performance.

Haitian konpa band Dat7
Jamming on the stage!

Haitian band Dat7 tour Haiti in 2106
The ladies are screaming their heads off, while others content themselves to singing along with the band’s repertoire.

Haitian band Dat7 in Haiti
Dat7 is in da house!

10 Photos of Haitian Band Dat7's Haiti Tour
The band members are united in their mission. Dat7!

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