Haitian American Youtuber DXLYN On Inspiration, Privacy, and Popularity

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Haitian American Youtuber
Most of her fans know her as DXLYN, but behind the camera and out of her fans’ views, Haitian American Youtuber behind the channel DXLYN is known as simply Darksline Policard. The Youtuber has one of the fastest-growing channels on Youtube. Fans appreciate her down-to-earth style, her versatile videos and her candor. One of the things that distinguish DXLYN from other Youtubers is the fact that she incorporates her Haitian heritage and stories concerning her cultural background in her videos. Are you among her thousands of viewers? If not, you will want to be after this interview with the Haitian American Youtuber!

Kreyolicious: Everyone’s Haitian-American experience is different. What was yours like?
I think mine was very intersectional. I’m an immigrant, but I moved to the U.S. young enough for my accent to be almost undetectable most of the time and assimilate very well into the culture after a few shocks. Most of my friends were born here. So I have experienced all angles of my blackness and womanhood. I’ve experience discrimination at the hands of every group you can think of and yes, even my own ethnic group. Overall, it’s taught me a lot.

Kreyolicious: Who inspired you to become a Youtuber?
I was browsing YouTube for inspiration when I decided on locking my hair. I saw a lot of YouTubers who were sharing great info but never exactly what I was looking for so I figured I would document my hair journey on YouTube to have something to look back on. I did even know being a YouTuber was a thing at the time.

Kreyolicious: With popularity sometimes comes things that makes one uneasy, especially when you’ve made it as a public figure. Do things ever get tough for you in terms of comments you get as a Youtuber?
I get some negative comments on my videos but I just ignore the negativity unless it’s a teachable moment. I realize there must be balance between negative and positive in all that we do. I receive and respond to all the positivity.

Kreyolicious: Did you ever think you’d achieve this level of popularity?
No, I didn’t. I still don’t consider myself to be popular at all but I don’t know people watch me. I remember being amazed at 100 people being subscribed to my channel. Now my channel is even bigger. I have other channels and I’m still like, “Wow, people actually watch me.”
Haitian American Youtuber and influencer
Kreyolicious: When you first started, were there times when you were tempted to let things go and venture into something else?
No, because in the beginning and even now it’s mostly a hobby for me. I love sharing info and sparking creativity in others. I have a lot of other things going on and YouTube is where I can express myself as well as interact or relate to other people.

Kreyolicious: When you’re a Youtuber, sooner or later people who know you IRL will come across your videos. Does that ever make you feel uncomfortable?
In a sense. Most peple who know me in real life aren’t YouTubers and maybe already have their opinions about YouTubers that do not necessarily apply to me. I feel like when they discover it, they look at me different. I don’t promote my channels as much as I should for this reason. The response is always positive and surprise because I’m extremely shy and introverted. In my perspective, there is less judgement when people discover you as you are expressing yourself.

Kreyolicious: If you could recommend four books to my readers, what would they be, and why?
The Isis papers by Dr. Welsing gives a different perspective on race relations and dissects the psychology behind the European Superiority Complex. Autobiography of Assata Shakur. It’s a great read and front seat to Assata’s life. It has great lessons in it. The Kite Runner by Khaled Houssini…this one takes place in Afghanistan, it’s about two friends from two different backgrounds. It’s very riveting, heartbreaking, but come full circle. Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae. You already know this book is awesome if you know Issa Rae’s story. If you felt like the weird one of every group or just never fit into the box cut out for you, you’d like it. She actually started on YouTube with her web series.

The Color Purple by Alice Walker. This book is a classic. I get something out it every time. The movie leaves out a lot of good parts.

This concludes PART I of the interview with the Youtuber. Keep on the lookout for PART II!

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