How The Haitian-American Comedy Team Behind Haitian Husbands Struck Comedy Gold, Part 2

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Haitian American Productions
Ever heard of Haitian American Productions? How about Haitian Husbands! Now, that’s a comedy team that brings a lot of laughter, giggles, guffaws and smiles. Helmed by Jonas and James—two friends based in South Florida—the comedic team has managed to build an online tribe (as Seth Godin would call it) consisting of 5.6K subscribers on Youtube, 36K subscribers on Instagram, and 69K likes on Facebook While a skeptic might say that online fame doesn’t necessarily produce offline fruit, Jonas and James have proven otherwise. They have gone on multi-city comedy tours with other comedians, and have founded their own production company Haitian American Productions. This May, they will be one of the headliners at the Haitian-American Pride Festival in Lauderhill, Florida. They will be teaming up will fellow comedians and frequent collaborators Plus Daddy, Zoe Poze, Chelo Chelo and Success Jr, for a spring tour that includes stops in New Jersey, Montreal, Philly, Boston and New York.

For Haitian Husbands, the key has been filling a void in Haitian-American comedy content. They’re certainly not the only Haitian-American comedians in the game, but their popularity has shown that there’s enough space for everyone, and that there’s a Haitian-American audience ravenous for content that mirror their experiences. In the episode “The Missionaries”, James and Jonas star as Chris and John two green, well-meaning missionaries who travel to Haiti to feed the little children—only to be misunderstood in the worst way by the locals. Haitian-American family life is what gets lampooned the most frequently by James and Jonas. In the skit entitled “A Haitian Thanksgiving“, multi-generational family members gather around the dinner table for a meal, but it’s what’s going on in their lives and the conflicting idealization of culture that leads to indigestion. And what about when that white American friend visits and dad is home? And the needy cousin from Haiti who calls dad and is always asking for things or a remittance?

In my interview with Jonas (CLICK HERE if you missed it), he made it clear that the team isn’t going to be complacent. Innovation is the mantra. The Haitian American Productions team has a web series in motion, and a whole lot more under their little fingernails. This time around it’s James’ turn. Let’s see what he had to say…By the way, James is the one without the beard.

Kreyolicious: What’s James…the team member behind the Haitian Husbands like?

Well, I’m a serious Dolphins fan. Phinphanatic. Season’s not going so well so I thought I’d get that out the way first. Love entertainment…film production is the passion…being able to create something and make someone’s day is a blessing and I appreciate it. Family-oriented. Hopefully, you can tell through the videos. But to sum it all up, easy-going guy who enjoys life to the fullest possible.

Kreyolicious: What made you get into comedy?

I was always a class clown throughout grade school and dare I say a bit of college. It’s just a knack that we decided to put on camera and ran with it. Put it this way: would you believe me if I told you maybe two percent of our videos are scripted?

Kreyolicious: I believe you. Do your parents ever see the videos you’ve made?

Yes, they have.

Kreyolicious: What’s usually their reaction?

They kind of chuckle…well my mom laughs, but my dad can see that I’m doing somewhat of a impression of him especially with the fact that I’m wearing his clothes and all…soooo yeah.

Kreyolicious: What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you as a person?

I farted in the church van on the way to a concert…only two windows worked.
Haitian American Productions

Kreyolicious: Oh, man…What’s it like working with Jonas?

…No comment (Whispers) “He’s an asshole” [Clears throat]

Kreyolicious: Which comedians do you find to be the most inspiring?

Key and Peele, Kevin Hart, Bernie Mac, Dave Chappelle. Those guys are alright with me!

Kreyolicious: As a comedy team, do you guys ever disagree as to what creative direction to go in with a project? What do you do when those sort of situations arise?

All the time. It’s rare that we don’t, but that’s what makes the video what it is. I guess you can say it’s what pushes the envelope.


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