Haitian-American Blogger Kreyolicious Celebrates 5+ Years of Existence

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Haitian American blogger Kreyolicious Celebrates 5th Anniversary of her brand
For the past five years, it’s been the same thing for this Haitian-American blogger. I would sit there and tell myself that I would write a blogaversary post, come October. Then the blogaversary would come and go, and I wouldn’t write my planned essay. Then it seemed futile to write about it months and months later.

Sometimes, I was too busy trying to run this site to write such a post. But most of all…even though I had plenty to celebrate and rejoice in, in terms of the brand’s and the website’s milestones, I wanted more. My rationale was always, “Okay, I’ve accomplished this and that, but I need to do this and that.” But today, dear Kreyolicious readers, I am interrupting the flow of interviews, commentary and review articles on the site today to take the time to 1) thank all of you readers 2) appreciate the moment.

While I’m thanking my readers, I’d like to thank my web designer Zillz, who designed the site.

So, back to the subject at hand…

I think that a lot of times I didn’t want to come across as a braggart, so there were a lot of great things that were happening to me behind the scenes, some really great things, some really fabulous things, that I kept for myself…because I’m not the type to rest on laurels of the present…I want to continue building to create more laurels for the future.

I read this quote recently, and I will paraphrase it…and it basically said that we either live in the future or we live in the past too much. I think in this case, it’s the former for me. I was always focusing on what needed to be accomplished that I, at times, overlooked and under-appreciated what had been accomplished.

I remember when I was brainstorming becoming Kreyolicious and having Kreyolicious.com. Those were the days! I look back at some of the older articles I wrote. Lawd, is all I can say. Some of these articles were more like essays. And I went in this blogging game, knowing very well that shorter and concise was the best way to go. But, I’m also a huge believer in giving value and adding value. But to be frank, I became obsessed with giving value. Not sure if I would do anything differently if I were starting out now. I still believe in value, but now, instead of writing 1000-word articles, I break them down nicely for my readers into multiple parts.
Haitian American blogger Kreyolicious

Being a Haitian-American blogger has been loads of fun. I started out with 25 readers that I most likely got on Twitter, and it was on from there! I’ve won blogging awards, and have been blessed with so many great opportunities, and have come in contact with so many fabulous human beings. I’ve had people tell me that when they’re looking for Haitian music to buy, they come to the site. I’ve had celebs of Haitian descent contact me to help them connect or re-connect with the Haitian-American community. This site has grown larger than all my dreams for it, and my dreams for it were big.

Becoming Kreyolicious helped me become a better me. I still have to let go of my control freak tendencies. Learn how to delegate, and all…

I have a lot more planned for myself, for this site and for this brand. I want to tell you everything, and I know I’ve told you guys some things…but I think it’s best that I do the work, and let you see it, instead of blabbing my gums about “what I will do”. Thanks very much for your emails, your lovely messages, your thoughtful DMs and your upbuilding words. It’s been a joy growing with you, and I know that we’ll continue to grow together.

What are your thoughts on my website? And about me? Are you a Haitian-American blogger? Plug yourself, chile. Ain’t no shame. Talk to me!

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