Haitian-American Blogger Kreyolicious Celebrates/Revels In 6 Years of Existence, PART I

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Haitian American blogger Kreyolicious Celebrates 6 years
If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you probably think that this headline sounds familiar. Didn’t we see this Haitian-American blogger celebrates headline before, you might ask yourself?

Well, yeah, back in May, I wrote about my 5th anniversary…but five years and seven months after the fact. So, in the spirit of appreciating moments and celebrating victories and living in the moment, I am doing my blogaversary post on time (ahem, albeit a few days a month late, but that’s better than being seven months late). See, I’m improving. I’m trying to change.

In the past, I was always concentrated on the next victory, on the next goal, to pause and take the time to revel in achievements. Nothing was ever enough. I always wanted to push myself towards the next goal. The next goal. The next goal after the next.
Haitian American Blogger Haitian blogger Kreyolicious
Yes, it’s part of my attempt in living in the now…appreciating the present…focusing on the future, but not to the point where I lose track of the present and its blessings.

So, it’s been six years since I officially became Kreyolicious. I say “officially” because even before the launch of the actual site, I had taken all the steps from everything to buying the domain name to doing off-line branding and mental planning.

I have to tell you that I’ve enjoyed the journey. I’ve learned so much about myself.

And speaking of me…I have had to reach beyond myself. I always wanted to be the person behind the keyboard, who never emerged from behind the screen.

Six years! Time passes swiftly. To understand time, I try to think about it in “achievement” terms. Like, I think of six years as being undergrad and grad school combined.

Guess I should talk about the blog a bit, at this point? What did I do this year? Well, since last year, I did this #YeahItsHaitiWhereYouThoughtThisWas hashtag. It has a lot of attitude in it, I suppose. I’m pretty polite, so there were times when I felt it was too, er, blunt. But oh, well. That’s part of the going “beyond myself” stuff. Oh, there was the #ThisLifeofHunger which is inspired by Jay-Z, Tupac and Beyonce song remake Bonnie and Clyde…in which I celebrate Haitian cooking and chefs. I try to encourage dialogue and self-expression in the Haitian-American community. Jay-Z also provided the inspiration for the #HaitiGot99ProblemsBut hashtag.

Haiti History 101 will continue. Thanks for your inquiries and messages concerning it! Chapo Ba has been one of those things I tried out of the blue, not realizing how much the segments would be embraced by you beloved readers. I added some new entries to the 5 Success Principles series. I remember being so thrilled when the Black Weblog Awards awarded me with the Best Blog Post Series Award.

One of the things that I do here on this creative space is to showcase other Haitian-American content producers. I did this Haitian/Haitian-American food blogger/vlogger series. CHECK IT OUT HERE if you haven’t already done so. More recently, I launched this new series on the site to showcase Haitian-American Youtubers. In case you missed those segments, CLICK HERE! Ooh, I try to explore stuff coming out of Haiti. To that end, is the Straight Outta Haiti series. CLICK HERE to read installments from that series.

And ahem, since I don’t write 3,000 word posts any more, we’ll stop here, and continue talking about the life and times of a Haitian-American blogger in PART II. Okay? Meanwhile…

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