Top 25 Haiti Tourism Influencers You Should Know About (1-5)

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Haiti tourism marketing is the job of not one person, but everyone! Each of the persons on this list—whether Haitian or blan—have done his/her/their share of bringing Haiti’s tourism to a new level in their own way. So in no particular order or ranking, here are some the top Haiti tourism influencers….Ahem…from your favorite chick Kreyolicious.

1. My Haiti Travels
Haiti tourism influencers
Overview Founded by entrepreneur Dina Simon, Haiti Travels was launched in the early 2010s. It caters to mainstream tourists as well as Haitian-Americans who are visiting Haiti for the first time as adults, or are visiting Haiti for the first time…period. Simon’s tours center on Jacmel, a city in the Southern part of Haiti, but can also be customized to fit the traveler’s desired itenerary. Many Haitian-American Millennials and other Haitian-American professionals who had not thought of Haiti as a vacation spot were persuaded by the photos shared by My Haiti Travels to reconsider! CLICK HERE to visit the My Haiti Travels website.

2. Bellevue Tours
Haiti tourism influencers tour
Overview: Bellevue Tours’ Haiti Discovery Tour invites travelers to discover Haiti’s historical sites, primarily the ones in Cap Haitien, a historical city where La Citadelle Laferriere, a legendary fortress built in the 1800s stands. Bellevue Tours has been responsible for bringing groups of Haitian-American professionals and organizations to visit Haiti through the arresting photos shared by the company’s owners in social media. CLICK HERE to visit the BV Tours website!

3. Frere Joel
top Haiti tourism influencers
Overview: A pastor from the Midwestern United States, Frere Joel travels to different parts of Haiti, especially Haiti’s rural parts, and explores historical bits. More often than not, he’s interested in the culinary aspect of the little-known parts of Haiti. His “La Bonne Nouvelle” videos have been broadcast on Island TV, a Miami-based television network, creating a new appreciation for Haiti’s beauty among those in the Haitian Dyaspora. Frere Joel especially appeals to the older, religious and conservative crowd living outside of Haiti. His videos emphasize local tourism, and encourage those living in Haiti to appreciate what’s in their backyard. CLICK HERE to visit his website!

4. Haiti Travel Guy/Terry Curtis
top Haiti tourism influencers Haiti Travel guy
Overview: Originally from the Midwest USA, the Haiti Travel Guy begun doing small personal excursions in Haiti after the earthquake. From there, he launched his website Haiti Travel Adventures, where he wrote reviews of hotels and restaurants in Haiti. His Twitter account, followed by Haitian-Americans, expatriates and other assorted curious folks, pumped photos of Haiti, while not making light of some less than positive aspects of the island. Additionally, the Haiti Travel Guy conducted tours, provided travel consultation to those wanting to start businesses in Haiti or just want to visit.
CLICK HERE to visit the Haiti Travel Guy website!

5. Haiti Tourism Inc/Dave Toussaint
top Haiti tourism influencers
Overview: Haiti Tourism Inc is helmed by Dave Toussaint, who begun his company by sharing positive images of Haiti’s beaches, historical sites, and hotels on Facebook and Twitter. Now the company has grown into a Haiti travel consulting company, in addition to continuing on with tours. CLICK HERE to visit the Haiti Tourism Inc website!

There you have it! The top Haiti tourism influencers, as named by your fave chick Kreyolicious…well, just the first 5! Keep on the look out until we get to the top 25.

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4 comments on “Top 25 Haiti Tourism Influencers You Should Know About (1-5)”

  1. My older sister travels to Haiti very often. She is constantly posting pictures and videos of her experience every time she is there. I always tell her she should become a Haiti Tourism Influencer because she has shown people the allure of visiting Haiti through her social networks. Glad to see this is a market that other people are gaining success in. Great read!

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