Top 25 Haiti Tourism Influencers You Should Know About (16-20)

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Have you ever wondered about who the top Haiti tourism influencers and players are? Well, have you? The countdown continues below. If you missed the previous segments of the countdown, feel free to CLICK HERE!

16. Spring Break in Haiti
Haiti tourism influencers Spring Break in Haiti
One of the pioneers of collegiate travel in Haiti, Spring Break in Haiti has been instrumental in bringing twenty-something college students and Haitian-Americans to various part of Haiti for more than a decade. With its partying with a purpose philosophy, the organization encourages students to enjoy what Haiti has to offer, while making their stay an educational experience.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Spring Break in Haiti.

17. Carel Pedre, PleziKanaval

Launched by Haiti-based radio host Carel Pedre, Plezi Kanaval serves as a showcasing platform for Haiti’s Kanaval season. Furthermore, the platform has encouraged many to travel to Haiti during carnival season or make travel plans for the Haitian carnival season.
Haiti tourism influencers Plezi Kanaval

CLICK HERE to learn more about Plezi Kanaval.

18. Carl B, Bonspoon
Haiti tourism influencers Bonspoon
Haitian food, Haitian food, and more Haitian food! Bonspoon was created to make the life of the food-loving traveler to Haiti easier. It highlights restaurants, bars, and bakeries, and eateries all over the island. Since its launch, Bonspoon has added Haitian restaurants from all over the world to its database.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Bonspoon.

19. Stephan Durand
Haiti toruism influencers Stephan Berrouet Durand
Berrouet Durand co-launched Gout et Saveurs Lakay, a food festival that put the whole world on notice about Haiti’s rich cuisine and culinary traditions. The food and wine festival has been responsible for bringing chefs around the world to Haiti, in addition to those of Haitian descent. More than five years in existence, the food festival is now an annual staple and serves to remind the world about Haiti’s culinary offerings. Berrouet Durand, who’s also the founder of Culinary by Design, is a graduate of Miami’s Johnson and Wales University.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Chef Stephan Berrouet Durand.

20. Moulin Sur Mer
Haiti tourism influencers Aquaglide
Moulin Sur Mer is the original island resort on water everybody has tried to copy or claim to have created. Haha! But, alas, an original remains, well, an original. Located in the beachside, seafood-laden town of Montrouis, Haiti, Moulin Sur Mer has hosted weddings of members of the Haitian diapora. It pulls tourists of all ages into Haiti through its lush cuisine, watersports, kayaking, aqua-gliding, snorkeling offerings and unique architecture.

CLICK HERE to visit Moulin Sur Mer.

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