What You Should Know About Haiti’s 12 Summer Olympics Hopefuls

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Do you know the names and the categories for all the athletes representing Haiti at this year’s Olympics in Rio, Brazil? Here’s the rundown.

Naomy Grand Pierre Olympics

1. Naomy Grand’Pierre
Category: Swimming

She thought it imperative to learn how to swim when one of her cousins drowned. And now, she’s such a pro at swimming that she’s hoping to win the medal for Haiti on August 12 at Rio. Born in Montreal, Canada, Naomy was raised in the USA. She’s currently a student at the University of Chicago, and was initially approached to represent Haiti by the Haitian Swimming Federation.

Watch this video of Naomy prior to her being qualified to represent Haiti.

Inspiring. Ain’t she?

Aniya Louissaint Olympics

2. Aniya Louissaint.
Category: Martial Arts/Taekwando

Her name is pronounced Ah-nah-yah by the way…not Ah-nee-Yah! She’s only been at this taekwando stuff for four years in her hometown of Powder Springs, Georgia! She was so devoted to Taekwando that she enrolled in Georgia Cyber Academy to complete her classes. She trained at Style United in Connecticut for the Olympics. Oh, and Aniya is just eighteen!

You can watch her in action below! Don’t forget to visit her website by going here!

aiti Summer Olympics Richardson Hitchens
Photo Credit: James Koevin

3. Richardson Hitchins
Category: Boxing
Date Competing: Aug 10, Wed

Growing up in Brooklyn, Richardson was surrounded by violence and gangs. He actually witnessed a murder when he was just twelve. He decided to create an outlet to save kids like himself in Brooklyn, and created Cops and Kids Boxing Club, and now…the Olympics it is.

Josue Deprez
Photo Credit: Globo Esporte

4. Josue Deprez
Category: Boxing
Date Competing: Aug 8, Mon
Born in Haiti, Josue Deprez took up judo early on. He immigrated to the United States and graduated with a degree from the University of Florida.

Mike Dorsainvil Haiti Olympics Rio, Brazil
Photo Credit: Dieu Nalo Chery/AP

5. Mike Dorsainvil
Category: Swimming
Date Competing: Aug 11, Thurs

Mike Dorsainvil, better known as Frantz Mike Itelord Dorsainvil started swimming about six years ago, and due to his diligence and hard work, he’s now Olympics material. He teaches swimming in Haiti.

Asnage Castelly Haiti team Olympics Rio 2016

6. Asnage Castelly
Category: Wrestling
Asnage Castelly is going down in history as the first known wrestler to represent Haiti at the Olympics. He was born in Haiti and came to Haiti when he was nine. He’s actually a wrestling coach at a community college in Massachussetts.

You can watch a newscast segment with Asnage Castelly below:

Darrell Welsh Haiti Olympics
7. Darrell Wesh
Category: Track

He’s the little brother of Marlene Wesh, also an athlete. Darrell attended Virginia Tech and is a past Gatorade Track and Field Athlete of the Year.

Watch Darrel in action below!

Jeffrey Julmis Haiti Olympics

8. Jeffrey Julmis
Category: Hurdle

Jeffrey Julmis actually represented Haiti at the 2012 Olympics. He’s a Kansas resident!

Watch a past interview with Jeffrey below!

Edouard Joseph

9. Edouard Joseph
Category: Weight Lifting

Edouard Joseph was born in Haiti, and has been one of the least visible .

Mulern Jean Haiti Olympics Rio Brazil
10. Mulern Jean
Category: Hurdles

Originally from South Florida, Mulern has already earned an undergraduate degree. She’s currently enrolled at Florida State, where’s she’s pursuing a Master’s Degree.

There you have it, Kreyolicious readers!

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