Haiti History 101: The Life and Times of the Duvaliers, Part 3

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And the life of the Duvaliers continued in exile. Jean-Claude filed for divorce in the Dominican Republic in 1990, accusing his wife of adultery. According to several newspaper reports Michèle at one point chased Jean-Claude in their France home with a knife, after discovering that her own brothers were arranging trysts with other women for her husband. Their divorce wasfinalized in 1993.

Simone Ovide Duvalier died at a health clinic in Paris in 1997. She was believed to have been born in 1913, making her about 83-84 at the time of her death.

The former Mrs. Duvalier and her ex both continued to live in Paris. Jean-Claude became involved in another romantic relationship, this time with Veronique Roy, a socialite he met at a party in France. Michèle Bennett reportedly remarried to her divorce lawyer. They eventually divorced. Quite the business woman, Michèle reportedly owns property in Miami, as well as St. Barts.

For most of the 1990s, and the 2000s, the ex-couple gave interviews, only rarely. In 2008, Ernst Bennett the ex-First Lady’s father, died in Miami.

Here is Michèle dancing with one of her sons at a gathering.

In January 2010, after an earthquake hit Haiti, Jean-Claude and Veronique arrived in Haiti. Jean-Claude was detained and then released, and continues to live in Haiti. Here he is standing on the balcony of Karibe Hotel in Haiti the week he returned to Haiti.

Now a strawberry blonde, the mother of 4 was snapped at a formal gathering.

Long before Jean-Claude had returned to Haiti, Michele had returned as well as part of a search team following the earthquake to look for her brother who was running a business in Haiti. He was found dead. Her cousin Igor also perished in the earthquake. On the anniversary of the earthquake, she was present to play tribute to the victims. Their son Francois Nicolas Duvalier, serves in advisor-capacity to new Haitian president Michel Martelly.

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Photos: Reuters, We Haitians

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