My Thoughts On the 7th Anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake

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Haiti earthquake 7 years later
Hi there. So today is a historical day…So seven years ago, Haiti was hit by an earthquake. Guess it’s a good time to share my thoughts on the Haiti earthquake 7 years later.

Last year, I emphasized the need to look forward—

I even told myself that come this year, I wouldn’t write this very type of post that I’m writing now.

Looking forward is important, but guess we could take one last glance backward.

But will it be the last?

I know that a lot of people’s lives changed on that day…on that date.

It would be insensitive to act as if there weren’t losses…so many human lives…so many survivors’ lives…never to be the same…

But how do you heal a wound…do you heal it by constantly looking at it, and picking on it?

Oh, the dilemma…

But again…we can’t deny the transformation…the change that occurred from that event…

Let’s never forget those who lost their lives that day…

But let’s not forget that life stops for no one…

Look backward…move forward….

Just a thought from your fave chick Kreyolicious.

Photo Credit: AP

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