Georges Corvington Or The Man Who Loved Port-au-Prince

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Once upon a time there was a man who loved the city of Port-au-Prince almost as much as he loved himself. His name was George Corvington, and he’s the subject of Port-au-Prince My One and Only Love (French Title: Port-Au-Prince, Mon Seul Et Unique Amour), a documentary by Haiti-based filmmaker and documentarian Arnold Antonin.

Corvington dedicated his life to maintaining an expansive archive of history related to his home city. According to Antonin’s documentary, Corvington’s library was destroyed during the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, although thankfully, he was pulled from the rubble.

The historian died about two years later, but not before Antonin and his crew sat down with him to get little historical nuggets about Haiti. One such that ought to be of interest to international film buffs, is that the Lumiere Brothers, one of the pioneers of film, screened a film at Parisiana in the 1890s.

This man obviously had a passion for Haiti’s modern capital. The narrator indicates that he never married; it’s easy to see why: Port-au-Prince was the love of his life. There are so many stunning vintage photos of Haiti, er of Port-au-Prince in this documentary. Some are faded, some are torn; but like the people of Port-au-Prince, better they be there, and be faded and torn, then for them not to be there at all.

The documentary is in French with English and Spanish subtitles.

You can purchase the DVD of this documentary by visiting the Arnold Antonin Films Website |

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