5 Goals That Should Be on @GarcelleB’s Bucket List #kreyolicious

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5 Goals That Should Be On Garcelle Beauvais' Bucket List
Garcelle Beauvais! Actress. Mother. Philanthropist. She’s loaded with accomplishments, but there’s still a great many things she could add to her bucket list of things to do. Join your favorite chick Kreyolicious as I go over them.

1. Start a touring company
She could call it Garcelle’s Girls, Beauvais Tours, or Garcelle Travels. She can even tie it up with her TV movie franchise The Girlfriend Getaway. Whether she does this or not, Garcelle could market it as a mid-life adventure travel company with the city of Saint Marc as the destination (with other stops in different parts of Haiti). We don’t hear much about that city, and I have seen some photos of its beautiful beaches. Her target would be women in their 40s and 50s who spent their twenties and thirties without doing much traveling, or who want to resume traveling again. She could target married women, or the newly-divorced or widowed.

Garcelle has a large family, including sisters that she’s extremely close to. They could run the company as a family business.

2. Direct something
Maybe she could start out with a short film. If Garcelle hasn’t found a property to direct, she can always serve as co-producer for a colleague’s project.

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3. Star in a biopic
Why oh why didn’t Garcelle buy the rights to Roxane Gay’s book Untamed State? She could have played the protagonist. But all is not lost. Garcelle could find another literary property. Garcelle could get intense method acting on Hollywood and get herself that Oscar and a Golden globe.

Edwidge Danticat has so many books with some of the film rights still available. Perhaps that’s something Garcelle should explore.

Let’s see. I read about this revolutionary named Henriette of Saint Marc, and Garcelle’s peoples are from that part of Haiti. The details concerning this historical figure are very minimal so Garcelle could have a bit of poetic license. Moreover, she wouldn’t have to buy any rights to a literary property.

Or she could play Queen Marie-Louise, the wife of King Henry Christophe.

Or she could just do a mainstream biopic project. The life of Coretta Scott King following the death of Martin Luther King Jr., perhaps? Maybe Julie Dash, Ava Duvernay, Sanaa Hamri or Melina Matsoukas could direct her.
Garcelle Beauvais 5 Goals That Should Be On Her Bucket List Garcelle Beauvais Goals
Above: Garcelle and her twins Jaid and Jax. Photo Credit: RB/BG

4. Write her autobiography.
And it doesn’t have to be a sordid tell-all either. It could be something along the lines of How to Raise Multicultural Children, How to Look Fabulous and Feel Good About Yourself After 40. They could be prescriptive type of self-help with non-intrusive snippets from Garcelle’s life. I think there’s a great many books on the market on the latter subject. But is there one tailored for women of color? Probably not.

5. Start a clothing and cosmetics line.
At one point, Garcelle had an accessories line, Le Petit Bijoux. She could start a clothing line or a home furnishings line.

Jaid and Jax are growing. They’ll be pre-teens one day. I don’t believe there’s anything on the market for pre-teen boys of color. But it’s a clear niche. Maybe the boys could get together with Garcelle and design skateboards, phone and tablet accessories, and a boys shampoo and body gel. Or hair products for young boys of color. Or home furnishings for pre-teen boys!

There you have it folks, 5 GOALS GARCELLE BEAUVAIS SHOULD HAVE ON HER BUCKET LIST from your fave chick Kreyolicious.



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