Interview: Vlogger Ashley of My Full Figured Life On Being a Youtube Phenomenon

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My Full Figured Life Ashley
Ashley, the vlogger behind the immensely popular Youtube channel My Full Figured Life, bounces with so much energy, she’ll infuse you with extra manpower. Her channel has more than 15,000 subscribers, and that doesn’t include the lurkers who come on her channel to follow her life, enjoy some of her sassy talk, and get some much-needed confidence. Confidence! Now, that’s something that Ashley definitely has. She’s not the full-size woman stereotype who walks around with her head down, promising herself to start living when she gets skinny. She’s living now, baby, and she’s an inspiration to other full-sized women, and non-full-figured women.

She’s not above sharing her personal pain with her viewers and airing her innermost thoughts. She’s done vlogs about depression, jealousy in romantic relationships, rekindling family ties, even her health.

This is why brands like Zaabox, My Makeup Brush hound her, eager to establish work relationships with her, and expose their products to her loyal fans.

Kreyolicious: What was your Haitian-American experience like?
Ashley-My Full Figured Life: For me, my experience was a great one. Although I was raised by my mother, when I would visit my father, I enjoyed the whole cultural differences. It was almost like living two different lives. Both rich in their own accord but very different. I always try and embrace my Haitianess.

Kreyolicious: Lots of people ponder on becoming Youtubers and the idea just remains in the pondering stage. You are among the ones that up and did it. What led to it?
Ashley-My Full Figured Life: What led me to start my channel was me wanting to be a voice to other young plus sized women out there. I felt like I didn’t have many women like me to relate to and wanted to be that for other women.

Kreyolicious: Through your platform, you encourage people to embrace themselves and their size.
Ashley-My Full Figured Life: I wanted them to see through the way I carry myself and the life I live that you can be confident, beautiful and curvy all at the same time. I want women to stop putting limitations on themselves. Society does that enough. Live your life. Be happy and ‘Do you boo’!

My Full Figured Life Ashley Rosemond
Kreyolicious: Through your sheer professionalism, Youtubers like you make things appear so smooth and easy. Are there challenges behind the scenes?
Ashley-My Full Figured Life: There are sooo many challenges. The one that comes to mind the most is time management. With me owning a catering business here in NYC as well, things can get kind of hectic. But when I can, I’ll just take a day and film as many videos as I can do that I will have content to put out when things are crazy.

Kreyolicious: Why do you think you’re so popular?
Ashley-My Full Figured Life: I think I’m becoming popular because people enjoy my realness. They like that I’m positive yet honest. That’s so hard to find on social media now of days.

Kreyolicious: What are some of the feedback you’ve gotten from fans?
Ashley-My Full Figured Life: The majority of feedback has been positive. What struck me the most was one subscriber telling me to just be myself and never change. That meant a lot to me because it’s hard to stay true to yourself when you’re putting yourself out there and want people to like you and watch your videos.

Kreyolicious: How do your parents view you and your career?
Ashley-My Full Figured Life: My mother watches and is proud of me. My father loves to be on camera when I’m filming. All in all they’re very supportive. Both with YouTube and my catering.

Kreyolicious: What’s the best thing that’s happened to you since you begun your career as a content producer and influencer?
Ashley-My Full Figured Life: Hands down, it’s the feeling I get when I get those 3 a.m messages from young ladies telling me how I inspire them to come out their shell or I help them to feel better about themselves. Or even grown women. I’m here for everyone. Those kind of messages mean everything to me!

My Full Figured Life
Kreyolicious: What are five books you feel are must-reads for every female?
Ashley-My Full Figured Life: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, True to the Game, The Coldest Winter Ever, Flyyy Girls, Starting a Business for Dummies.

Kreyolicious: If you were launching your channel this month and year, what would you do differently?
Ashley-My Full Figured Life: I’d be more open and transparent from the start.

Kreyolicious: Where do you hope to take your brand?
Ashley-My Full Figured Life: I hope to of course grow my channel and branch out to more humanitarian projects, start an accessories line, and maybe a couple [of] books!

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3 comments on “Interview: Vlogger Ashley of My Full Figured Life On Being a Youtube Phenomenon”

  1. Yes, this is my beautiful daughter Ashley. I am so, so proud of her. When she was younger, she would hold her head down. I told her to hold that head up high and strut. She is a beautiful woman, truly blessed, and hugely talented! I know she will go far and reach the highest plateau possible! Thank you for recognizing her gifts!

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