Some Girl Talk With Former Miss Haiti Sarodj Bertin

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former Miss Haiti Sarodj Bertin in gym attire
What if you could have former Miss Haiti Sarodj Bertin as a bestie? What if? Could it be just a dream? Well, just for today, that dream can come to fruition. Here are her responses from a girl-to-girl talk I had with her.

Kreyolicious: I think when most people look at you, they see confidence and self-assuredness. Have you ever had moments of low self-esteem and self-doubt?
Sarodj Bertin: I believe we all have, because we are human and our feelings can always affect our state of mind. What I have manage is to control myself and not let that happen to me…choosing to be happy with what I have and what I get, even if it’s not what I wanted. This has been possible by [my] understanding that [when bad things happen, it’s] always for good, and [also] by acknowledging that the bad things happen so we can appreciate the good. I can say that I am very positive and I always look at a different angle in [every] situation or [every] case, because there is always something positive, and that is what I go for…“the positive side”.

Kreyolicious: If you could speak to the Sarodj from five years ago, what would you tell her?
Sarodj Bertin: I would tell her, that she should never hesitate. Time is a tool and we have to use it wisely. Sometimes we take more time than needed to make a decision, and that time will never come back. So, when you believe [in] something, just go for it. No hesitation. You know your path…just go, and do not ever stop…there is no limit.
former Miss Haiti Sarodj Bertin Sarodj Bertin interview

Kreyolicious: When do you feel most beautiful?
Sarodj Bertin: When I get love from any child, I believe the purest love is a [child’s] love, because there are no conditions and no expectations. They see and feel real beauty, the beauty of the soul…so when [a child] shows me love that’s the moment when I am the most grateful and I feel the most beautiful.

Kreyolicious: Is there anything that you used to be terrible at, whether a skill or something else that you have improved on. What was it? How did you get better at it?
Sarodj Bertin: I was very impatient. the first steep to overcome that defect was to accept it. Then I started working on it, correcting myself every time I would notice I was being impatient. with a lot of practice and concentration, I can say I overcame it pretty well.

Kreyolicious: What books have you read lately that have had an impact on you?
Sarodj Bertin: Everything I read have an impact on me, because I learn from every book, script, letter or even email that I read…but I could say a book that I would recommend any time to anybody would be The Art Of Happiness by Dalai Lama And Howard C. Cutler.

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