Life After Carimi: How Former Carimi Band Members Are Faring

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The band Carimi broke up last July after fifteen years of existence. But what has the former Carimi band members been up to since then? This is life after Carimi…
Former Carimi Band Members Are Faring
Above: The triumvirate when the band was active.

Former Carimi Band Members Are Faring
Co-lead singer Richard Cave has since launched Kai, with himself as lead singer. The band has released a ballad “Malad” that set off a great deal of buzz. The band has had several premieres in cities like New York and Miami. Haitian music pundits are expecting Kai to release an album by mid-spring.

Former Carimi Band Members Are Faring
Then-bandmates Carlo Vieux and Richard Cave pose together for a photo during a performance in the Ivory Coast.

Mickael Guirand Life After Carimi Breakup
Many fans had assumed he had thrown in the towel, but in an interview with Kompa Magazine, a Haitian music website, Carimi co-lead singer Mickael Guirand revealed that this speculation had been false. Haitian music observers have been speculating as to whether he’ll be starting a band of his own or joining an existing one. As of this writing, no official announcement has been made in regards to Guirand’s musical destination. [Photo Credit: Olie Photography]

Former Carimi band members and how they're faring
Member Carlo Vieux was at first expected to join Richard Cave in a Carimi rebirth, but this isn’t what happened. Vieux initially said in interviews that he was going to devote his time to his family, but later announced that he would join the Miami-based band 5Lan. According to his social media bio, Vieux has also made strides as an entrepreneur outside of music. He is the president of a health consultancy company.

The one-time Carimi band members have chosen to follow different musical paths. May they all reach their individual goals.

So, this is your rundown of how former Carimi band members are faring and what they’ve been up to! Feel free to share your thoughts.

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  1. I hope you still sing at private parties! I have a party planned for my brother’s come back from Medical School, and I know that he is a true fan of yours. So how is this going to be possible?

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