Interview: The Youtuber Known As Finesse Goddess

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The vlogger known as Finesse Goddess is a fashionista, beauty and lifestyle blogger all wrapped up in chocolate beauty. The twenty-something blogger took the initiative to start a Youtube channel that’s swiftly growing into one of the most popular Youtube channels for Millennials interested in makeup, hairstyles and everyday occurrences in the lives of Millennials (say…song lyric pranks). Let’s meet the entrepreneur-beauty aficionado behind the channel…Miss Alexandria Pierre, or Alexandra the Great as some call her.

Haitian American Youtuber Finesse Goddess

Kreyolicious: The Haitian-American experience varies. What was yours like?
Living in a Haitian household, I was told to speak Creole around my family and English in grade school. My parents believed in keeping close connections with my Haitian roots and heritage, so I learned how important being a Haitian-American is. Especially since my parents came to America for a better life. I had to learn the ropes fast.

Kreyolicious: Who turned you on to makeup? And what were your views on makeup growing up?
I loved art growing up and I remember always coloring on my free time. As I got older,I used to go onto the computer and watch youtubers create hairstyles and do makeup tutorials,that’s when I got the inspiration to start expressing art skills through makeup.

Kreyolicious: What made you become a Youtuber?
I was shy girl growing up and was also really outspoken when it came talking to my friends. I was the always the one to make them laugh and come up with outrageous stories. I guess I could say I had a hidden talent and I felt like I can your Youtube as my showcase to my inner self and personality.
Finesse Goddess

Kreyolicious: I was really touched by the video of your dad narrating your makeup tutorial. Very touching. How did your parents initially react about your choice of career?
My parents are very open with my career as long as I’m not doing anything that’s going to ruin my reputation. My father loved doing my voice over and so did the rest of my family.

Kreyolicious: Who are your inspirations?
Oprah for obvious reasons, Beyoncé because she’s humble like myself and also bold enough to go on stage and let her talent shine through. And Michelle Obama because shes was a huge public figure that I looked up to while growing up. Being a mother, wife and First Lady is no easy task.

Kreyolicious: Do you get uneasy sometimes…with so many followers and commenters following your every move?
No. I’m always trying to keep a positive vibe on my Youtube page and all my other social media platforms. If someone doesn’t like what I post then don’t watch it’s simple. And there’s also a block button. [Smiles]

Kreyolicious: Do you feel beautiful? Was there a time in your life when you didn’t?
I do feel more beautiful then ever, putting all makeup aside…because beauty comes from within and shines out. If you aren’t happy with yourself and your looks, it calls for a desperate cry for help. You have to find the courage to tell yourself constantly that you are beautiful and your worth it. A time I didn’t feel pretty was when I was younger and my hair wasn’t as long as my friends’ and I didn’t think darker-skinned Barbie dolls were pretty. And I was a dark-skinned girl Haitian-American girl. There weren’t many or anybody for me to look up to.

Kreyolicious: You been to Haiti tifi?
Yes, last time I went was 2002, I was 5.

Kreyolicious: If we were to do this interview three years from now, what would…will be different?
I plan to have a business somewhere in beauty and makeup. Wouldn’t mind being a person someone could look up to. And most importantly I want to give back to my community and to my family in Haiti.

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