An Interview With Filmmaker Patrick Ulysse, Part II

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An interview with Patrick Ulysse, a graduate of NYU and CEO of Unimix
Filmmaker Patrick Ulysse is the triple-threat that many creatives aspire to be. Through his Unimix Films company, he directs his own cinematic projects in addition to creating films for firms in need of his services. Follow along as I continue my conversation with him. CLICK HERE if you missed PART ONE!

Kreyolicious: Name three films you wish you had written and directed.
Life is Beautiful directed by Roberto Benigni, Collateral by Michael Mann and Man on Fire by Tony Scott.

Kreyolicious: Why?
They are all great character driven movies. I enjoy well-developed characters.

Kreyolicious: Do you feel that you’re making the projects you imagined you would with Unimix or have your vision changed over the course of time?
Yes, myself and the rest of the Unimix Films family are doing work that are totally part of the journey. We are totally interested in projects that showcase the Caribbean experience. From working with filmmakers like Jerry Lamothe, award-winning directors of photography like Wiener Milien to the amazing chef Nadege Fleurimond. We are producing in different medias and a large spectrum of genres. We represent Caribbean cinema sans limit.
An interview with Patrick Ulysse, a film director and CEO of Unimix Films behind the romantic comedy Forever Yours

Above: A poster for Forever Yours, the latest film from Patrick Ulysse.

Kreyolicious: Now you work on your private projects, and you also have commercial clients. How do you approach helming such projects as opposed to when you’re doing your own?
From my mother and father I have learned to humble myself when I need to and be firm when it comes to taking decisions. At UNIMIX films by the time we start rolling the camera. a level of trust is established. During pre-production we normally iron out everything. During production and post production clients, production staff and cast tent to be in the same page, and, voila!

Kreyolicious: Where do you see the film industry going?
The industry is heading in a good creative direction. Many big film festivals are rewarding movies like Stone in the Sun, La Belle Vie and our Forever Yours, us filmmakers are doing our part by bringing quality product to the movie lovers. We just need a little support from the audience so we can keep create quality motion pictures.


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