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The Business Woman Behind Men Pa’w Hot Sauce Talks Product Launch And Food Entrepreneurship

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Foodies looking to add some extra kick to their meals know to turn to a bottle of Men Pa’w hot sauce. The creation of entrepreneur and seasoned cook Carline Phanor-Briere, Men Pa’w electrifies the taste buds of even the most ardent pepper-loving eater. The brand won Third Place at The Hot Pepper Awards, a culinary competition that rewards fiery food brands.

Kreyolicious reached out to the entrepreneur to talk about what goes into creating a food and condiment brand.

Kreyolicious: What made you get into the condiment industry?

My childhood inheritance got me into the condiment industry. Not only was I born in a kitchen, many women in my family have left a legacy in regards to entrepreneurship. I have always had great exposure to cooking—whether it be soups, dips, cocktails, ceviches, gratinées and so on. I love international seasonings and enjoy multicultural cuisine. On the other hand, I thrive on business challenges and love to practice my intergenerational marketing skills.

Kreyolicious.com: What’s the spiciest meal you’ve ever had in your life?

The spiciest dish I have ever had is the Mexican Mole Poblano. It is called the national dish of Mexico. It contains about 20 ingredients of different chili peppers, including chocolate which works to counteract the heat of the combination of chili peppers. The mole sauce can be different according to the type of peppers that predominate; to name a few green peppers for mole verde and others including red habaneros for mole rojo, black peppers, yellow colorados, almendrados and pipian. This dish is most popular in the central regions of Mexico like Puebla and Oaxaca . It is most often served for special occasions and holidays, like Cinco de Mayo, and for the famous posadas. The mole poblano I savored was exquisitely prepared by primitive indians in Oaxaca.

Men Paw

Kreyolicious: As someone who has made it through the trenches and has her own food business, what would you say to others who are thinking of doing the same?

My message to anyone interested or starting this type of business is that perseverance and hard work pays off. Also most importantly, get inspired and do not be afraid of creating and customizing your own ideas; uniqueness and integrity is the core roadway to anointed success…Do not try to cheat your competitors or to copy exactly what they do…Create your own, believe in it and move forward with faith, fair play and integrity. Last but not least, competition is a great thing; I believe it is actually the most powerful engine to achieve great success. Do not be afraid as the horizon the cosmic is limitless and there is room for everyone to succeed!

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4 comments on “The Business Woman Behind Men Pa’w Hot Sauce Talks Product Launch And Food Entrepreneurship”

  1. That sauce got some kick, I tell ya. I met carline at the taste of haiti event earlier this year in miami. I’ve heard of men paw hot sauce, didn’t know good it was… man was I in for a treat. The name of the sauce is pretty much a FOREWARNing for an explosion of greatness in you mouth. I wish her and the staff a CONTInued SUCCESS. Im waiting to find them in local haitian restaurants. And speaking of, find Haitan Restaurants and Bakeries in Haiti and the USA at http://www.bonspoon.com

    1. To Bonspoon.com, Kreyolicious. We appreciated the friendly business article and comments. Thank you for your support and the wonderful job and service that you provide.

      Carline Phanor- Brierre
      Men Pa’w gourmet hot sauce, LLC

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