Kreyolicious Interview: Ed Lozama, Radio Personality and Broadcaster, Part 2

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Broadcaster Ed Lozama has has a lengthy career that has earned him fans and admirers. Outside of radio, he’s a philanthropist and a community leader. Check out PART TWO of the interview him below. CLICK HERE if you missed PART ONE.

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Kreyolicious: When you think of your career, who are the individuals would you say have been the most influential?

They are too many to name. I have to mention David Hart who taught me the beauty of the medium. Marie-Luce Pierre who gave me my first shot at the microphone. Jethro Julien—the professional who held my hand as a teenager. Those who exercised great influence on me include Bob Lemoine, Herby Widmaier, Jacques Jean-Baptiste, Jean Dominique, Emmanuel Blaise, Larry Lujack, Charles Osgood, Paul Harvey—just to name a few.

Kreyolicious: And your biggest teacher?

Funny, my biggest teacher [was someone whose] classes I never attended. Paul Harvey had that distinct way of delivering current news in a humorist fashion. With Paul, you never knew what to expect. Never missed one of his newscasts.
Ed Lozama radio host
Above: With a musical guest at the Radio One studios.

Kreyolicious: How has the field changed since you started?

It has changed a lot. Nowadays, anyone has access to the microphone without a minimum [of] preparation. In my day, you had to go through an internship—or apprentice—and prove yourself before they would let you on the mic. People [have] become less interested in the academic side of broadcasting. Technically, things have totally changed. Gone are the record players, reel-to-reels, cassettes, cartridge players…even the CD players are on their way out. With modern technology, I am now able to broadcast a two-hour show with a playlist and other information right on my smart phone.

Kreyolicious: Some people pray to have more than 24 hours in a day. How do you make sure that you make productive use of your time?

At my age, I’ve slowed down a lot and 24 hours give me plenty of time to do what I have to do. I try to live a balanced life…making good use of my time—including time to relax.

Ed Lozama

Kreyolicious: What advice would you like to give someone who’d like to go into broadcasting?

Go to broadcasting school. Broadcasting is both science and an art. The artistic part is within you. You have your own style and way of delivering the goods. Training can help perfect the art. The scientific part can only be learned in school. Too many great speakers have no idea how their voice reach the audience. Take time to go to Boutilliers and visit a transmitter site. Learn how this station sounds so good compared to another.

Kreyolicious: Would you change anything about the way things have gone in your career?

I’ve been blessed and not sure if I would change anything. My experience in places like the Voice of America, Vision 2000, MBC—and now Radio One—are priceless.

Kreyolicious: What should we expect from you next?

[Laughter] Even I can’t answer that question. I’m always up for a challenge. We’ll see what comes up.​



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