An Interview With Haitian-American Comedian Success Jr, Part I

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Haitian-American comedian Success Jr
If you’re Haitian-American, you probably think that your upbringing could be made into a feature-length comedy or a least a series of brief skits. Don’t start writing the script yet. Comedian Success Jr already has done it for you! For the past three years, the Miami-based comedian has been producing short videos after short videos about his Haitian-American experience and posting them to a following that has grown to more than 65,000 on Instagram alone.

While everybody’s Haitian-American experience is different, perhaps you might find yourself relating to some of the happenings in Junior’s life? Like the remedies his mother administers for his fever (a tub leaf bath), cough (drinking his own pee), hiccups (forehead spit)? And how about being an on-call driver for his mom’s friends and fellow church goers? And having what you thought was a confidential conversation with your mom that was in reality her way of gathering gossip and intelligence on you to tactlessly spread to her friends and extended family? Junior has been through all that and more.

So, without further delay, let’s have a convo with Success! Success Jr fans are you ready? He wants to tell joke, mommy!

Kreyolicious: Tell us about yourself and…How you got started in comedy?
Yes, Success is my real name. I got started in comedy since middle [school] hosting talent shows and different events all through high school.

Kreyolicious: When did you first realize you were funny?
I was always a humorous person so [remembering an actual moment] is hard to remember, but I did realize when I wanted to do stand up which was about nine years ago.

Kreyolicious: What was it like growing up Haitian-American?
Growing up Haitian-American was definitely something different. Most of my videos shows what went on in my growing up.
comedian Success Jr Haitian-American comedian

Kreyolicious: Where do you get the ideas for your skits?
My ideas are authentic. Either they’ve happened or are happening. These are real-life situations.

Kreyolicious: Junior’s mom is a favorite of your fans. Is she based on a real-life person?
Junior’s Mom is indeed real. What most people doesn’t know is she is multiple people in one. She’s Mom, Grandma, Auntie, Neighbor, Family Friend etc. That’s actually one of the reasons she doesn’t have a name.

comedian Success Jr

How do you parents feel about your being in comedy? I want to tell joke mommy!
My parents are coming around to it. Before they weren’t to fond of it, but when we’re out in public and when they witness the supporters they see it’s something legit and I’m just not joking around.

Kreyolicious: What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a comedian?
My advice for anyone interested in becoming a comedian is keep going no matter what the outcome is. Grow a thick skin. Be open for criticism.

This concludes PART I of the interview with Haitian-American comedian Success JR! Watch out for PART II.

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