Interview: Haitian-American Comedienne Roszayy Kow, Part II

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Haitian American comedienne Roszayy Kow
The Haitian-American comedienne known as Roszayy Kow on the Internet captures all the moments that many consider “typical” of Haitian-American life…like a daughter showing her educational achievement-focused mom the passing results of a State Board test for Registered Nurses. And what about the one with a Haitian-American student being summoned by her mother to be a DBS, a Designated Back Scratcher? Roszay is among the comedians who helped popularize the #Haitianparentsbelike hashtag all over social media. Her spot-on imitations of Haitian moms, Haitian aunts have left many with tickled jaws.

Kreyolicious: What comedians do you most admire? Why?
I don’t have a favorite comedian, but I do love Martin, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx…all these go-getters I watched on television while growing up. They are so talented in so many ways!

Kreyolicious: Have you ever been the victim of a prank?
Yes, my father! He is a joker literally. From hiding my things to locking me in my room , I remember one time he actually hid my plate of food I bought and I spent like an hour arguing with my brothers and eventually he confessed. By that time, I wasn’t even hungry [Laughter]. He loves to play. I can tell you that much.

Kreyolicious: How do you stay on top of your game?
Time management! That’s one thing I learned especially in nursing school. I always felt like everything had to happen in a timely matter whether it was studying, making videos, or just daily activities. It makes things so much easier.

Kreyolicious: You been to Haiti, chile?
Surprisingly, I haven’t been to Haiti since I was a baby. As shocking as it sounds, people always think I’ve been there or was born there, but I mainly attributed my culture through family. I went when I was a baby, but actually visiting and seeing how beautiful the people are and how amazing the food culture music is that’s something I need to cross off my bucket list.

Kreyolicious: In five years…you see yourself…
I would say having a practice or being a successful nurse practitioner GOD willing. I say God-willing because only He knows my right destination & path. I want to be a well-rounded nurse and be amazing in what I do!

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