An Interview with Haitian-American Comedian Plus Daddy, Part II

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Last year, Haitian-American comedian Plus Daddy set off a lot of buzz when he was featured on Kevin Hart’s/Comedy Central’s “Hart Of The City”. But getting tongues wagging is nothing new for the bearded comedian. He’s one of the most talked-about comedy heads in South Florida, and one of the most popular Haitian-American comedians showcased on social media. Whether he’s on stage by himself, or as a member of Haitian-American Productions, a coalition of Haitian-American comedians, whether he’s serving that Liberty City/Miami humor or island jokes, Plus Daddy is the man.

Check out PART II of the interview with Plus Daddy as conducted by your favorite chick Kreyolicious. CLICK HERE to read PART I.

Kreyolicious: If you were creating an advisory board of comedians, who would you include and why?
That’s an interesting question [Laughter]. Not the faves, but an advisory board. Kevin Hart, Jerry Seinfeld, Russell Peters, Dave Chapelle, Eddie Murphy. Everyone here is as funny as they are business savvy. Everyone did it their own way and found their own way. It’s admirable.

Kreyolicious: And if you wanted to pass on three pieces of wisdom to someone else, what would they be?
One…Protect your peace of mind at all costs. Two…People will tell you their intentions if you listen long enough. Three…Hispanic women are fertile. Wear six condoms.

Kreyolicious: Oh! And about wisdom one and wisdom two…How can peace of mind be established and maintained? Some people don’t feel like they’re living unless there’s chaos…
I think peace is relative. The definition of peace varies depending on the person, so it can literally be found anywhere depending on who you are. When you do find it, people
will go out of their way to take it. It never fails.

Kreyolicious: And you mentioned intentions…Intentions…as in good or bad?
Both. Whether you have good or bad intentions, I want to know.
comedian plus daddy Haitian American

Kreyolicious: It’s seven years from now. We’re doing a catch-up interview. What will be different?
For starters, we’ll be doing it pool side of my lavish Key West mansion near my pet tigers. [In] seven years, I hope to be nationally touring with a few major motion pictures under my belt. Then we can make the next interview all about my Oscar nomination. [Winks]

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