Interview: Haitian-American Actor and Comedian Papa Jean, Part II

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New York-born-and-raised comedian and actor Papa Jean debuted his play “Les Boites Noires” in New York earlier this year, giving online and off-line fans a taste of his capabilities as an actor, playwright, director and comedian. Not that they weren’t already getting an overview of all these talents via his online presence. The thespian-scribe just wanted to continue showcasing his talent not only to those who first become acquainted with his gifts online, but with also those who knew him long before his was the Papa Jean of the Internets.

Kreyolicious: As a native New Yorker, how do you personally view the creative scene there?
Papa Jean: Like the saying goes, ‘If you make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.” I feel like that saying is so true because of how cut throat NY is. If you look at entertainment as a whole. There are so many collaborations down south or on the west coast compared to NYC. Entertainment in NYC feels like getting on a train in NYC during rush hour…Everyone for themselves..Step and knock over anyone in the way…who cares if it’s a baby or senior citizen…and no, I will not give up my seat to help you in any way. But, I still love my home New York.

Kreyolicious: You been to Haiti yet?
Papa Jean: I have been to Haiti one time in my life. The spring of 2007. Before the Earthquake. I haven’t been back yet, but I plan to visit in the winter or spring 2018. Maybe even bring Les Boîtes Noires over there.
Comedian Papa Jean

Kreyolicious: Besides your play going to production and the obvious major fan love, what are some of the best things that have happened to you since you launched your brand?
Papa Jean: Some great things have definitely happened to me since I’ve launched my brand. One…Definitely I’ve learned so much more about my culture and picked up more of the language. Two…I’ve discovered so many people that basically lived the same life that I have. Three…after my play, some relationships within my own family have grown stronger.
Four, I am turning down opportunities. I have reach a certain level where I can choose what opportunities I will roll with. Five, I have met so many new and great people. Including the majority of my cast. They are so soulful, talented, and Godly people.
Haitian comedian Papa Jean interview

Kreyolicious: You’ve used the media space to solidify the Papa Jean brand. What trends do you see happening in the next two years?
Papa Jean: I don’t know about trends, but I definitely know about transitions that I would love to happen…Into TV and film God willing.

Kreyolicious: What do you have in store for your fans following Les Boîtes Noires?
Papa Jean: Well, I give everything I do my all. I like to try to take everything I do to the next level. I’d like to solidify myself as an actor, writer…comedian…Not just to people in my culture, but to everyone in the world and then…Give the people something that will blow their minds away.

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