How Belle VueTours is Promoting Haiti Through Historical Tourism

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Haiti tourism company Belle Vue Tours is out to promote Haiti…its cuisine, its beaches, but in particular its history. The company’s founders created what they term the Christophienne Tour—which is a six-days-five nights excursions series centered around the life of Grenada-born Henri Christophe, who became king of Haiti in 1811. According to historical accounts, Henri made the former Cap Francais (now Cap Haitien) the capital of his kingdom, and this is where Belle Vue Tours brings its tourism clients. For four to five hours, Haiti tourists are escorted around Cap Haitien, and the tour includes stops at the National History Park, Citadel Henry (also called Citadel Laferriere), and the San Souci Palace, Henri Christophe’s once sprawling palace. BV Tours clients interested in historical artifacts also view 18th century artillery from France, England, Spain, and Italy purchased by the king in case a European power approached the island.

Belle Vue Tours

Money from 19th Century Haiti….

Here are some chains and shackles.

Belle Vue Tours

They are to be found at Norman’s Place in Labadie.

And this is a church…Cathedrale Immaculee Concepcion is its name.

Belle Vue Tours Chapel Milot

According to the Belle Vue Tours staff, it was first erected in 1670 and is considered one of Haiti’s oldest churches.

Of course one can only take so much history before one gets hungry!

Belle Vue Tours food

Belle Vue Tours treats clients to some scrumptious cuisine.

While Cap Haitien is at the center of Belle Vue Tours’ sites, other under represented cities in Haiti also get some deserved attention.

Belle Vue Tours Hinche

According to the historian Nicolas Leger, the city of Hinche was the center of a great many rebellions during the U.S. Occupation of Haiti in the 1910s.

Belle Vue Tours Jacmel

Belle Vue Tours educates its clients about Jacmel, the city where many South American revolutionaries sought aide during the early 1810s.

Below is an interesteing view of King Henri Christophe’s Citadel…

Belle Vue Tours Ramiers Fort

…from Site Fortifie de Ramiers.


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