Interview: Beauty Youtuber Wilonda Previlon On Creating Her Platform, Part II

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Beauty Youtuber Wilonda Previlon advocates natural beauty through her self-titled Youtube channel. The beauty and fashion influencer not only does makeup and fashion tutorials, but allows her viewers glimpses into her life, such as a weekend spent in Atlanta and a Costa Rica vacation.

While she’s preaching beauty and makeup on the platform, she’s not opposed to showing her authentic self. She was applauded for taking photos with stretch marks, proving once and for all that some of the so-called imperfections that are quickly Photoshopped, can help others celebrate their individuality and their own beauty.
Haitian model Wilonda Previlon
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Kreyolicious: What was your Haitian/Haitian-American childhood like?
Wilonda: Full of baton [whippings]! Just kidding. I was a good kid growing up, but that still did not stop my mom from pichkannen [pinching] me and giving me many zoklo in church incognito. I can honestly say I had the best of both cultures. At home, my mom was not your “typical Haitian mom”. I can describe her as being “Americanized”. She was strict on me, but not overly strict. As for school, well, that was another story. I would always try to “fit” in, but the Haitian in me was way more distinct. Maybe it was the way I dressed, maybe it was those boulgogos in my hair, or perhaps my heavy Haitian accent. Who knows, but I was always someone’s target to pick on. I honestly would not change a thing growing up Haitian. It made me grow a hard outer shell and gain so much self-confidence over the years.

Kreyolicious: When do you feel the most beautiful?
Wilonda Previlon: Sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup. I know that sounds very cliché, but it’s the honest truth. No matter how much makeup I put on, I love those chill days when I am at home and don’t have to get “done up”. If you follow me on Snapchat (imported_cocoa), you would see I embrace my skin makeup-less all the time. That is because I used to have really bad acne. So now that my skin is so much better, why not flaunt it?
youtuber Wilonda Previlon

Kreyolicious: What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten from a fellow Youtuber?
Wilonda Previlon: I don’t know any other Youtubers personally that has given me advice one-on-one, but I do love listening/watching motivational speakers on Youtube. I honestly will search something like “motivational speeches” and listen to those videos for hours! I have heard many great advice, but the most profound one I can say that resonates to me is “stay authentic”. That is my mission on my channel.

Kreyolicious: What if you had to pick five songs that you feel could represent you as a person…
Wilonda Previlon: Even better then what I think of myself, I asked those around me, which songs best describe me. Here are their picks:
“Incroyable” – Harmonik (boyfriend’s choice). “Flawless” – Beyonce (mom’s choice). “Girl On Fire” – Alicia Keys (sister’s choice). “Work” – Rihanna (brother’s choice).

Kreyolicious: You’ve been to Haiti?
Wilonda Previlon: I have not made a trip back since I was born, but I’m definitely planning on going very soon!

Kreyolicious: Where do you visualize yourself a year from today?
Wilonda Previlon: I feel like I am at the growing stage of my life right now. I want to hopefully get into a Dental Hygiene Program, continue to expand my platforms as a social media influencer on both Instagram (@imported_chocolate) and Youtube (wilondaimported), and grow my activewear line I recently launched, Damis Activewear. So, this time next year, is just going to be some more grinding. I am a true work-a-holic. So, I will definitely be continuing working on these projects I am currently apart of and hopefully working with bigger brands!

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