How Annie Borgard Went From Model To Talent Manager

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Former model Annie Borgard now represents Fatima Altieri, and other talents emerging out of Haiti.

With her supple figure and confident attitude and overall beauty, Annie Borgard made a name for herself in Miami’s modeling industry. The business smarts she acquired in that industry has led her to create Borgard Management, her own talent and artist management agency. Her modus operadi thus far is to fill her artist roster with talents based in Haiti, who are looking to market themselves to Haitian-Americans and other members of the Haitian community in the Diaspora. It’s a niche very people have taken note of. But Annie’s sense of awareness and her business acumen has led her to create one of the first agencies to cater to those artists.

Annie hustles and bustles to get her Haiti-based clients gigs in the United States and Canada, while advising them on their image and career moves.

Follow along as your girl Kreyolicious talks to this bold entrepreneur. She’s got pikliz in her malèt (because, well, she’s got too much pikliz to fit into a valiz).
Former model Annie Borgard is now helping other models and singers create careers
Above: The businesswoman and former model keeping her sense of humor, while keeping her business intact.

Kreyolicious: When did you first realize that you wanted to go into management?
I’m still living a dream. Somewhat awake and sleep…I wonder if that’s possible. I haven’t come to that realization or the reality of it yet. It started [while hanging out] with a group of friends, brainstorming and we wanted to do something, be entrepreneurs. To make a long story short, out of the madness…Annie Borgard is a manager of people.

Kreyolicious: You previously worked as a professional model. What are some of the skills you learned as a model that you find especially helpful?
People. Isn’t it that simple? No matter what you do…at the center of it all, you’ll find and interact with people. Being a model is to convey a sense of confidence, a projection of the self and the surrounding… take any form or shape, a chameleon of some sort…

Kreyolicious: Did you go about making any preparations to help you in the transition from talent to manager?
On-the-job-training is the best way…it came to me out of nowhere. I had to learn, and learn fast. It was new to me. I needed to take the challenges head-on. Thank goodness for technology. This digital age has changed and [keeps] changing the world. It has helped me along the way.
Annie Borgard, a former model has emerged with Annie Borgard  Agency a Management company promoting talents in Haiti. ,
Above: Posing with one of her clients, a singer-model based in Haiti, named Fatima. Photo Credit: Chokarella

Kreyolicious: What is it like managing the careers of artists?
I’m still learning. None of it would’ve been possible without the people around me for their support and time and especially the artists whom have trusted me. They made it easy. The challenges become less stressful because of them.
Annie Borgard
Above: The entrepreneur and go-getter in-between flights.

Kreyolicious: What sort of obstacles do you run into in the field?
Booking. Finding responsible people to keep and honor their words. Getting the artist from point A to point B and in between. No matter how hectic or chaotic this may sound I like the challenges. They allow me to grow and to let the artist witness the things I am willing to go through to promote their careers

Kreyolicious: You already have some talent on your roster. How did your work relationship with them begin?
Friendship is the starting point. It goes to show what friendship is truly about. How my artists—as talented as they are—were willing to entrust me with their lives and careers. I couldn’t be more grateful to them—which is why I take this very seriously. I am engaged all the way and [am committed] to bringing them success. So far, we’ve experienced success, and a lot of fun. Our bonds have strengthen even more. It is remarkable.
Annie Borgard
Above: The entrepreneur during her modeling days. Photo Credit: Spex Photo.

Kreyolicious: What would you say to artists out there who would like Annie Borgard to represent them?
I am Annie Borgard…not just a name or a pretty face, but someone you want to meet and know. I have a vision, a defined plan. I work at my craft daily. I hone my skills and to quote Corneille in French: “Je suis jeune, il est vrai mais aux armes bien nées la valeur n’attend point le nombres des années”, which means I’m young, it is true; but the worth of a soul does not depend on age.

Former model Annie Borgard founded the Borgard Management to help artists emerging out of Haiti.
Above: The official logo of the entrepreneur’s management firm. The lady is in business, ya’ll.

Kreyolicious: What advice would you give to someone who wants to manage artists?
For anyone who wishes to venture into this world…it’s worth it. It’s wonderful. It’s fun, and it brings a lot of opportunities. But, it’s tough, treacherous and very demanding. If it’s your dream and passion, go for it. It’s a lot of work, and it requires patience—lots of it.
Annie Borgard has created Borgard Management, a firm that manages talents emerging out of Haiti
Above: The entrepreneur poses with one of the Haiti-based talents that Borgard Management represents.

Annie Borgard in black photos credit: Elma’s Flaco


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