5 Historical Facts You May Not Have Known About Haiti

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#BlackHistoryMonth is here! If you’re a reader of my site Kreyolicious.com, you probably know most of these already! But in case you don’t, you should really check out these facts about Haiti that fit, oh so perfectly with Black History Month.

1. Did you know that in the 1820s, Haiti’s prez Jean-Pierre Boyer started a migration movement in which black folks living in cities like New York, Philadelphia, Boston were given free land and coffee to come in settle in Haiti, and some parts that is now the Dominican Republic. [THE BLACK AMERICA TO HAITI MOVEMENT]

2. Did you know that one of the masters of modern American dance got her moves from her adopted country. [READ ABOUT KATHERINE DUNHAM AND THE OTHER TIMES AFRICAN-AMERICA/BLACK AMERICA]

3. Did you know that soldiers from modern-day Haiti fought in one of the pivotal battles of the War for U.S. Indepedence. [CLICK HERE TO READ THIS ARTICLE]

4. Did you know that during the Holocaust, Haiti issued out passports (sold them) to Jewish families so that they could leave Germany. [CLICK HERE TO READ THE STORY]

5. Jamaica declared its independence in the 1970s. Did you know that three years after Haiti’s independence, slaves in Jamaica came to be in contact with Haiti, and were planning a revolt. Guess who thwarted those plans before they could be executed. [CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT THAT MAN ]

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