Haitian Compas Festival Rebranded As Two-Day Event

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Haitian Compas Festival
Miami event and festival promoting enterprise Noel and Cecibon Productions announced this week that the 2017 edition of the Haitian Compas Festival will now be a two-day event. This is no doubt slamming music to the ears of Haitian konpa music fans and festival-goers. The Haitian Compas Festival has been ranked as one of the biggest Haitian music festivals in the USA, and one of the highest grossing festivals in the nation—period.

According to the festival’s website, the festival will be in its nineteenth year next year, and this is the first time that it’s structured as a two-day event. What is behind this rebranding? Could it be that the organizers realize that having the event over the course of two days will bring more fans? Or perhaps serve the dual purpose of promoting more up-and-coming talent besides the established headliners? Or is there new blood within the Haitian Compas Festival team, and they were brainstorming more innovative ideas and this was one of the ones they wanted to experiment with? Whatever the reason why the change was administered, it’s certainly commendable when a business entity tries new things.

According to the flyer released by the Haitian Compas Festival organizers on Day One of the festival, the following groups, bands, and artists will be performing: T-Vice, Tabou Combo, Djakout, Nu-Look, Rutshelle, Revelation Mizik, Kreyol La, Baky, Big Fa, and TPO.

Ada, who was a performer at the Afrikinfest will also hit the Compas Festival stage. Steph Lecor, who co-hosted the event last year, is on the performer roster as well. There seems to be a lot more feminine acts on the second day compared to the first day.

As far as the second day of the festival is concerned, the following bands and acts are scheduled to rock the stage: 509, Tropicana, Klass, Izolan, Darline Desca, DJ Queen, Harmonik, DJ Fwa, Tony Mixx, Nadia Faubert, Untouchable DJs, and Nicki Mix.

The festival will take place at Miami’s Bayfront Park on May 20th and 21st.

So, will you be making plans to attend?

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